A Year Is A Marathon… Not A Sprint


I used to run track in High School and as I enjoyed time off from teaching yesterday, I started really thinking about 2013. I love the optimism and the ambitious energy that surrounds the start of the new year. I too have my laundry list of things I’d like to do and accomplish this year. I get so excited, but I also had to give myself a reality check and a reality check for me equals a reality check for you too!

This year will be comprised of 365 days, 52 weeks and 12 months. We have to be prepared for the long distance which means we need to pace ourselves! You don’t have to lose weight, clean up, and do a full transformation in one day or even one month. Change takes time. Be patient with yourself and be patient with others but don’t give up on yourself.

I posted this on Twitter & Facebook today:

“With every thought we think, we either summon, or block a miracle.” – Marianne Williamson


I started reading The Law of Divine Compensation by Marianne Williamson today. The first mention of the book came via Twitter from Bevy Smith (@bevysmith) who hosts high-profile networking dinners. The second mention of the book came less than a week later from Shanel Cooper-Sykes (@shanelcooper), during Midnight Meditation (a weekly conference call hosting 1,000 participants that starts with inspirational words/reflections from Shanel and ends with guided meditation). I respect both of these women and decided to download the book to my Kindle and have not put it down since I started!

I spent a lot of time organizing and cleaning my office which lead to me joining the Scrappypedia Scrap Stash Organization Club. You can join the club here: http://www.scrappypedia.com/article/join-scrappypedias-scrap-stash-organization-club/. I was able to order prints (for a “Wall of Fame” Project for my hubby and for regular scrapbooking) as well as to rekindle my relationship with Mozy (an online computer back-up system). I’m looking forward to the challenges this year! I also discovered Your Fairy Craft Mama who has a huge list of January 2013 prompts for blogs and scrapbook pages. The list is so good it was worthy of being printed out lol! A New Blog called Organized Scrapping launched today!

I spent time connecting with family and friends on the phone and via text. There are some people that I intend to get closer to in 2013! I intend to make more phone calls, send more texts, make myself available on Skype, send more emails, and hand write more letters.

I intend to update my blog at least every other day! You can also follow me on Twitter (@blkgrlunmasked), Follow me on Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/donnienicole/), or e-mail me privately at donnienicolesmith@gmail.com.

I’m going to follow the advice of Farrah Gray (@RealFarrahGray), American Businessman and Philanthropist, who said via twitter:

“Today is the first blank page of a 365 page book, make sure you write a good story.”

Swim With Sharks?!

This slide is called the “leap of faith” and it’s located in the Bahamas. You end up sliding through a tube in a tub filled with sharks.

I love rollercoasters and plan to sky dive one day. I love the rush and have just added this to my manifesto of things that I must do before I leave planet earth. Would you do this?




Seeds Are Being Planted

Every conversation that we have, every e-mail that we open, every tweet that we read plants a seed in our minds. Some of the seeds take root and grow inside of our minds and hearts. Many of them bear fruit.

Some of the seeds that are planted are negative. They include things like fear, doubt, regret, distrust. Sometimes the seeds come from the people we love the most – our parents, a good friend or a coworker. At other times it comes from a complete stranger who does not have our best interest at heart. The fruit from these seeds often looks like a bad or self-defeated attitude, insomnia, procrastination or withdrawal.

At other times more positive seeds are planted. Things like compassion, inspiration, humor or affection. These seeds feed our spirits. They make us feel happy to be alive, confident to be in our skins and they awaken our senses.

While we can’t control every interaction that we have, we can control our inner circles. Those individuals in our “inner circle” plant the most seeds in our lives. We can delete a voicemail, e-mail or text from someone who is not planting positive seeds. We can limit our time on social networks where some of the most venomous exchanges take place.

Most of all we can nurture the positive seeds by thinking about them and digesting them through conversation. We can write about them, meditate on them and “water” them with our time and attention. In order to live a healthy and happy life we must allow the positive seeds to “overshadow” the negative ones and hopefully they wither away.

Inbox Zero – Project

Project Inbox Zero is going to be one of the items on my Summer Manifesto (unveiled Tue. June 21st). I have entirely TOO MANY E-MAILS!!! Digital clutter, just like physical clutter weighs on your conscious. It’s like a background application that you aren’t aware of that drains your energy. My goal this summer is to:

A. Archive e-mails that need to be kept forever into folders (as a teacher this is UBER-important. I have to be able to CMA!).

B. Create a new teacher e-mail (right now the personal e-mail mixed with the teacher e-mail started out as a good idea, but now it’s a bit much.)

C. Empty e-mails to zero (the photo above represents my old e-mail that now serves as my Spam Filter).

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