Planning Routine

Here is Day 3 of my #PlanWithMeChallengeDecember and it’s all about my Planning Routine. I broke it down into what I do daily, weekly, monthly.

My planner goes with me everywhere! The only time I don’t have it with me is when I go out & carry a clutch.


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I check my planner when I first wake up, as well as when I go to bed.

I write down any new plans/commitments as soon as they happen so that I don’t forget.

I “sync” any new events to my digital calendar (New events are denoted with a post-it flag, once I “sync” them to my Google Calendar the flag is removed from the physical planner).

I check my planner in between appointments. I try not to schedule more than 5 things in one day (this could include meetings, phone conferences, events, etc.)

I also try to ensure that I have at least one day devoted to nothing but writing. I have to quarantine myself at least once a week otherwise things get out of control. This is the time when I write my grants, proposals, etc.



On a weekly basis, I:

Add all of the fun stuff to the calendar as far as stickers & other cute things.

Review e-mails to make sure I didn’t miss any invitations or meeting notices.

Write a “To Do List” for the week and move “to dos” from my monthly list into the week.

Do some meal planning. I usually cook a big meal every other day, and there is enough for leftovers for the 2nd day.

Schedule social stuff and “me” time. It may mean scrapbooking, shopping or mani/pedis which happen bi-weekly. I always squeeze in a date night with my husband.

I use a modified version of Myleik Teele’s (Founder & CEO of CurlBox) “highlighter” system. Everything that got done gets turned “pink.” Things that weren’t done are either not highlighted or turned yellow. On my to do list, things that I finish are also turned pink, and things that are not done are turned yellow, so that they can either be canceled/deleted OR copied to a new week/month.



On a monthly basis, I set high level goals. This could be house projects (like at some point I want to paint the basement stairs).

I add important deadlines for grants & other work-related stuff.

I look for birthdays & special holidays so that I can add gift making or purchasing to my to do list.

I look at travel to make sure I have everything that I need (sometimes I need to order promotional materials, or sometimes I need to pick up my travel size toiletries).

I also remove the pages from the previous month to make room. I keep them in storage just in case I need to refer to a past date.

Tips To Better Manage Your Time…


I use both a paper planner (Kate Spade Wellesley, that I purchased on Amazon) and a digital calendar (Google Calendar).

On Instagram there is an entire community where we share photos, tips, etc. I’m a huge Scrapbooker, and Planning (with a paper planner) is just like that because there are stickers, accessories and all kinds of adorably cute things to get to accentuate the planner.

So here are the first two days of the challenge:

Day 1 – My Planner Selfie


Day 2 – My System

FullSizeRender 2

My system includes my Kate Spade Wellesley, my colored ink pens (more about that later), and my Sticker Binder. I’ll share more about that later.

This is the time of the year to reflect and to plan, so if you’re in that process here are some resources to help you!

I’ll be participating in #PlanWithMeChallengeDecember all month, so you can follow me on Instagram @blkgrlunmasked, as well as check back here for more explanation!

Tools To Set Your Goals:

This is also the time of year that I start pulling things for my Vision Board. Learn how to do your own here:

This was how I spent the last month of the year, last year! May have to copy & paste some of that into my calendar/to-do list: