Project: Organize Boots

My boots were all jumbled up in one of those cheap plastic containers. It came with a lid & you couldn’t see inside of it, so it hid the clutter, but getting dressed was irritating.

I’m a visual person. I like to see my options & then make a decision from there. I also blame the movie Clueless

I’ve always wanted a nice big walk-in closet that is well organized! Our home was built in 1910, so closet space was very limited back then. We converted one of our bedrooms into a closet. 

I ordered boot organizers and assembled them. That process took about 90 minutes. From there, I pulled out my vanity table, which I no longer use, and other containers that were taking up space. Here is the final result:

On the top of the shelf I have all of my accessories and my makeup. 

I also had to relocate our mirror and ironing board. We leave our ironing board set up:

The rest of the closet remained the same. Here is a peak at my side:

I’d like to add an area rug to the room, and more images on the wall around the mirror. I’ll share pics once I find the right rug. 

My shelving & accessory organizers were purchased from The Container Store and 

December Decor

We don’t do Christmas, but I love changing up the decor in my house. December is a fun month for me! Here is what December is looking like around my house so far:

I’d still like to pick up a few more items:

– Large red ribbons for the front of my house 

– More faux evergreen branches for the flower pots outside 

– Knit Sweater throw pillows 

– 2 or more snow globes – since they can be used in the month of January too 

Fall is still hands down, my favorite season for decorating but I enjoy giving my home those special detailed touches year round!