Ushering In A New Season

I’m usually super meticulous and wait until the actual first day of the new season to decorate. I have a major work event on Saturday and know that I will not have the time or the energy this weekend to devote to changing things over so I spent a little time all week putting away my summer decor and putting out my Fall Decor. Fall is my favorite season, so I always do the most! 

Here is our Fall 2018 Decor outside of our home: 


I actually plan to put one of my favorite crystals in the bowl the Buddha is holding on the porch. Although maybe not because if someone steals it I’m going to be upset!

Here is our Fall 2018 Decor inside of our home: 


We moved in our house in 2012, and every year I’ve collected things to add to our collection. I usually get my goods from these places: Homegoods, TJ Maxx, Marshall, Target, Pier 1, Crate & Barrel and Michaels. Each year I add 1 – 2 pieces from the collection. I am looking for a sign to hang above our stove as well as an additional fall themed towel for our 1st Floor bathroom.

This Fall I will accomplish the following things:

(1) Scrapbooking some of the events from 2018 including our Family Reunion and our time in California.

(2) Finish my home organization project. The only other spaces I have to do are our bedroom closet (which currently houses our travel stuff), our basement backroom and our basement storage, our dining room built in. The list was double what is currently! Super excited to be over halfway done with this project. I truly believe that in order to make room for new things we have to clear out the old. I also believe that we have to literally make room in our lives for the things we want. This includes physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally making space. Longer post about that coming soon!

(3) Organize my digital photos and videos. I have over 20,000. I tried to start his project this summer and abandoned it after about 100 photos end. My goal is to get this project done before the end of the year.

(4) Host a few Vision Board Parties! I will have more information available the first week of October if you’re interested in booking me to host a Vision Party for you individually or for a group of your friends.

Those are my four major goals for this new season. New seasons always feel like a fresh start but especially Fall. Fall has traditionally been considered the season of Harvest. I’ve already started switching my Summer and Fall clothes out (although it was 90 degrees today in Chicago). I even purchased a few Fall colored Apple Watch Bands. I purchase most of my bands from If you’re interested in which brands specifically I buy comment below or shoot me an e-mail and I’m happy to get you that information.

What are you looking forward to this Fall?

Spring Decor

I put away all of my Valentine’s Day Decor today and put all of my Spring Decorations out. I will likely leave my Spring Decor out until late May or early June. It’s still too cold to plant real flowers so from about October – May, I decorate with artificial flowers.

Here is what I did:

Everything I purchased came from either Michaels or Homegoods. The glass jars holding the eggs were purchased at either Amazon or Michaels! I try to plant my flowers the weekend after Mother’s Day & those flowers will stay outside/bloom through the Fall until we get our first deep freeze.

Celebrating Love!!!

Usually I wait until February 1st to put out my Valentine’s Day decorations but this year I decided to put them out once I took down my Holiday Decorations.

Here they are:


Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. I will keep these decorations up through March 1st!

How To Make A Tea/Hot Drink Bar

My husband recently got back from a World Tour with DJ Jazzy Jeff. One of the things that he brought back home was lots of organic tea from his journey throughout Asia.


I purchased mini glass Ball Jars from Amazon. In terms of size, they are about the size of Gerber Baby Food Containers. I didn’t want to run the risk of purchasing jars that were too big, and then the tea jars would look empty. I’d rather go small and then just refill as needed. Not to mention the teas are pretty potent and usually only need one teaspoon per cup.



“I sing a song from Sing-Sing, sipping on ginseng…” – U-God of WuTang Clan in “Triumph” 

I swear I rap that line to myself everything I have a cup of Ginseng tea lol!

Finally, I added my other favorite hot drinks including Green Mint Tea, Chai Tea and White Hot Chocolate. The countertop shelf that I purchased I was also from Amazon, available here. The shelf came preassembled.


I used regular mailing labels, and wrote the jar contents using a skinny Sharpie marker. Both the labels and the Sharpie were items I already owned. This project cost a total of $31.00, and it took about 30 minutes to fill the jars.

Happy organizing!!!

A Look Around My Office 

This morning I said that I’d go live on Instagram to do a tour of my office. My baby dog was spayed this morning, so I decided to spend the evening cuddling with her. I did want to share some of my favorite things from my office:

Above: My IKEA Expedit shelf holds so much. These large square bookcases can hold so much! 

I recently purchased some Philips HUE LED lights. I control them from an App in my phone. They can change colors, the bulb doesn’t get hot and they can work together to create scenes! 

Beyonce is my absolute favorite! I had one of my favorite posters framed. I also recently purchased the “What Would Beyonce Do” desk tag from Modcloth, which lives on my desk.

Peacocks are my favorite animals. These feathers were the first thing I purchased for my office and I designed the rest of the room around those colors.

My gallery wall. I’m thinking about adding another row of frames at the top. 

I save all of the cards that I receive. This one from my Aunt I turned into a piece of art because I love the words & the messenger!

Everyone I travel in the world, I always purchase art. This piece I purchase in Mumbai in India and its a silk painting.

Another piece of art I picked up from an artist in NOLA. I loved the rhinestones.

My Vision Board and a 3 month calendar that lives above my desk. I change it annually during my end of year, new year rituals.

I found this Vintage Olive Green file cabinet on Craigslist and it’s one of my favorite pieces.

This is my super fast and powerful Fujitsu Scansnap ix500. I’ve seen it used in Medical Facilities and it allows me to digitize all of my documents. I keep a digital file cabinet of everything in Dropbox.

I love words especially the words on this cup from Michaels.

My favorite scent is Pink Champagne from Pier 1. I have diffusers, candles and room spray. I initially purchased it immediately after New Years, and was told that it was seasonal. I’ve gone back every month and it’s been there. Maybe they will make it a permanent part of their collection.

Glitter is my favorite color, followed by gold, followed by pink. I had to have this lava lamp because it combined so many of my favorite things.

I try to find gold or metallic office supplies whenever possible. Here are a few of my favorite items.

These pens used to be my favorite back in the day! I use them now often for scrapbooking. I found this mega pack on Amazon.

My office is the place where I get my work done. I have a high capacity black and white printer/copier and a regular HP printer for color. I am able to get most of my work done on these two machines. For larger jobs I go to FedEx or order online. 

So these are some of my favorite things in my Office! I look forward to the day that I can decorate my DH Office!!!!

Last Minute Gift Ideas

For The Travel Enthusiasts

Passport Holder and Luggage Tag via Nordstrom.


For The Beauty Lover:


I actually purchased a few of these Santa Tins filled with my favorite lush product: Bath Bombs! You drop the bath bomb into the bath and they create aromatic, skin-soothing/moisturizing magic. They are also made from all natural products! I’ve written about my obsession here. You can purchase the tins from Lush Cosmetics here.

For the Reader:

I came across this awesome app, that is the Netflix of Magazines! You pay a flat rate per month and get access to over 200 magazines! They are running a special right now, $10 for 3 months here.


Nothing says I love you like some good, soft (expensive lol!) fabric.

For bedding, I’m a fan of Satin (whispers romance), Jersey Blends (screams relax) and Flannel (mouths warmth). You can pick these up at Target OR Bed, Bath & Beyond.

For public areas, I’m a fan of a good faux fur, a chunky knit, or cashmere. Consider purchasing a set of throw pillows or a throw blanket in either of those fabrics. You can pick these up at Target, Marshall’s, TJ Max and/or Home Goods. I recently picked up a nice throw that wraps around the body for like $40.00 from Marshalls. These are great because they serve as beautiful decor, but they are also functional. I change out fabrics. In the Spring/Summer, I have lightweight fabrics, in the Fall and Winter, I pull out the heavy stuff that keeps the cold away.


This chocolate brown faux fur throw is available at Neiman Marcus.

The best gifts are those that are personalized. Think about what your friends and loved ones have been talking about lately.

Getting In Shape? – Consider purchasing a gym membership or a set of unique fitness classes.

Getting Organized? – Purchase a personal shopper for your friend who will come and audit his/her closet, or get a gift card to the Container Store.

Doing More Art? – Purchase art supplies or art classes for your friend at a local art store. JoAnns also offers a host of affordable art classes.

Starting a Business? – Purchase a legal consultation, or a Startup Book to let your friend or loved one know that you are with them 100%. You can also make a small investment in their business to show you care!

Think about recent conversations that you’ve had, and use that to whip up a personal gift in line with the wishes and goals of your beloved.






Gift Idea: Photo Mug

There are so many things that you can do with your photos besides leaving them on Social Media. Many companies today allow you to make personalized bags, magnets, mugs, blankets and more with your photos.

I ordered our Holiday Cards through


While on the site, I also decided to order a few of their customized mugs. Here is the result:


The entire mug is wrapped with the images covering everything except for the handle area. The prints were pre-designed and you could customize the words or the monograms however you wanted. i also decided to go with black, but they had many color options and the mugs took less than a week to be delivered.

Coffee and tea time just got a little more interested in the Smith House!

Here is the link if you’re interested in purchasing your own!




Planting Seeds… 

Gardening always feeds my spirit. There is something very healing about digging in the dirt, caring for plants and creating a nice environment using nature. 

This year I decided to go with purple, blue and white plants, the purple in honor of Prince. Here is what I did today:

Planted these beauties that remind me of fireworks. My pot still needs something surrounding it. I’ll add that to both pots soon.

With my dog Marley, my grass takes a beating. I put down lots of grass seed with hopes of having a nice, plush green lawn soon. 

On my porch, I planted some purple and white in my gray pots.

I picked up this pot on sale at Lowes during the winter. It goes perfectly with my purple theme for this season. 

Pardon the weeds. I will deal with those the next time I do yard work in the next two weeks. I was so excited to see my Hosta’s that I planted last year coming back! I have to have special gloves because some of the weeds have prickly leaves that pierce skin. 

I still have to pick up my hanging baskets for the porch. I also want to add a tree or two to my porch. I may also plant some more flowers in pots this year. It all depends on what I see when I go to my favorite plant nursery. 

I also updated my fireplace with cute summer pieces:

I still had Easter decorations in the fireplace. I may get one of my favorite pictures blown up to frame inside of the fireplace. I’m thinking a yellow frame would be perfect. 

I also picked up this cute “S” book from Michaels for my bookshelf. 

There is a possibility for rain 3 days this week, which would be great for my grass & new plants. 

I also had an amazing bath using my Lush Bath products. I’ll share more about that later! 

I truly enjoy planting seeds! If you’re celebrating Mother’s Day, I hope it’s been a relaxing and enjoyable day for you!