How To Avoid Messing Up Your Hair While Working Out…

Caption: Last night after my hairstylist RJ hooked me up! 

One of the biggest concerns that we have when working out is how to maintain our hair. I’m natural and have been for over 20 years, but I wear extensions. Curly extensions usually hold up with minimal maintenance. Straight extensions can be a disaster when you mix sweat & heat in. I used to think that all I needed to do was tie my hair up under a cotton bandana (or scarf) and I’d be good to go.

Well this morning I experimented with something new. I took 3 hair clips, the ones that look like this:


I took my bang and clipped that up. Then I parted the back section and pulled the left half into one clip and the right half into the final clip. I then took a bandana and folded that up to create a headband and wrapped up my edges like this:


The good thing about this was the bandana caught all of my sweat, and the hair remained sticking up in the air so it didn’t get wet with sweat.

After my shower, after I had a chance to wash my face I took the clips out and combed my hair & it was ready to go, undamaged. Here is my hair post sleep & post workout with no heat needed at all. I also don’t wrap my hair! I just sleep with a satin bonnet. RJ says with the right cut you shouldn’t have to do all of that for maintenance and I totally agree (and see exactly what he means).


I was very excited about this because I saw my hairstylist last night to get my hair washed, conditioned and styled, and would’ve been mad if my workout this morning ruined it.


Post-workout, I’ve been jamming to my 90s Playlist. If you’re on Spotify you can listen to it here.

Here are 5 songs that I have on the playlist:

“U Send Me Swingin” by Mint Condition

“In My Bed” by Dru Hill

“Crush On You” by Lil’ Kim

“Candy Rain” by Soul For Real

“Weak” by SWV

It has 326 carefully curated songs and over 24 hours of music. I hope you enjoy it!


Summer Body In Progress…

I started using the video recommended by our 31 Days of She’s Gotta Show Coach Akisha here. It is a 15 minute Shaun T Insanity Workout.

In the past, I have not been successful when I try to workout any other time of the day than first thing in the morning. I have also used the excuse, “it’s too cold outside” or “I don’t have a gym.” I am very excited to know that the only things I need to exercise I already have – my ipad and some gyms shoes!

I weigh 197 pounds. In order to not discourage myself, I am only planning to weigh myself once per week. My goal is to lose at least one pound per week.

I also sometimes to try to do too much too soon. Rather than stacking on the kettle bell, the jump rope and all of those things, I am going to just stick to the 15 minute workout first. In a week or two, once that gets easier, I may start adding an extra 5 minutes for something else. I will also take advantage of natural ways to get more exercise like walking the dog and walking with my honey.

Be sure to follow the hashtag #31DaysofShesGottaShow to follow our journey. There are a group of us getting to it!


A Conversation With My Temple…

Last night I signed up for a 31 Day Fitness Challenge with Akisha Lockhart of All I Need Is One Mic. I signed up for a number of reasons but mainly because I haven’t been putting my health & fitness at that top of my priority list. In fact, when it’s time to start cutting, editing and making room, fitness is always the first thing to go.

I haven’t liked to work out since I ran track in High School, and my love for running track wasn’t because I actually enjoyed running. I loved running track in High School because I loved winning. I loved to literally kick up dust, and push my body – my limbs, my feet, my lungs to their maximum capacity. My self-confidence increased every time I cleared a hurdle. I’m not quite sure if I was running towards something or running away from something but running gave me life.

Now that I’m in my thirties, I’m much more willing to have tough conversations with my self. One of the tough conversations that I need to have with myself is whether or not I’m treating my body like I care about it. In fact, I would argue that except for the mini health vacations I’ve taken, I’ve neglected the things that my body needs most – stretching, cardio, water and healthy food.

I see older people who need walking aids. I’ve witnessed older people’s bodies only work with pills… lots of pills. I feel like terminal illnesses are peering over my shoulder, especially considering that High Blood Pressure has taken residence inside of my body.

I know there is no quick fix, but I’m tired of:

  • Not feeling comfortable in sleeveless shirts.
  • Feeling winded when I engage in minimal exercise.
  • Aching feet, an aching lower back and tension in the shoulders.
  • Feeling frustrated when I really want to wear something but all of the good sizes (my sizes) are taken.
  • Grabbing a soda pop to cope with stress.
  • Feeling like I have to crop my photos from the chest up because I’m uncomfortable with my midsection.

Weight creeps up on you and the older you get, the harder it is to get it off. As I join this 31 Day fitness challenge my goals are simple:

(1) To get at least 15 minutes of exercise a day. I will be using the video that Akisha recommended from Shaun T of the Insanity Workouts.

(2) To make better food choices (at least 7 – 20 oz bottles which equals a gallon of water, less sugar, little to no bread and no fried foods).

I don’t have any other outcomes at this time, but just wanted to share what I’m going to be on. Feel free to join us! This time next summer I plan to have addressed all of the things I’m tired of. I will be blogging about my experience here, on Instagram and on Snapchat. You can follow @blkgrlunmasked on all social media channels.

The first official day of the challenge is today, November 3, 2016. I hope you can join us, and please feel free to share resources, encouragement & tips in the comment section below!