Making An Entrance – More Yard Projects

This project took about three days to do. First i had to pull up the white rocks that were there, then I had to plant the flowers and then I had to lay the edger rocks. I picked the flowers mostly because they are perennials (will come back year after year) and because I love the colors.

The two plants in the pot won’t come back year after year, but I LOVE the color. I figured, I can plant something new in the pots each year (annuals) for Spring, Summer and Fall. Two of the plants on the ground are not perennials, so I will have to dig them up and plant something else there next Spring. Here are the photos:



Trip to Loews to pick up my supplies. My Dodge Dorango is perfect for lugging all my stuff around:




Now that’s what I call an entrance. There was some concrete buried deep under the dirt that interrupted the flow of the edgers, so I have to figure out something creative to do with that space. Will probably lay down some decorative brick or something to fix that.

The Aqua & Orange Kitchen

The first room in our home that we are finishing will be our kitchen. Currently our kitchen is white and the walls are a cream color.

We are going to paint our kitchen orange:

This color is called Exciting Orange and it’s by Sherwin Williams.

As far as accessorizing the kitchen, I’m planning to do it in Aqua (at least for the Spring and Summer) and perhaps brown/red/gold for the Fall and Winter. Here are some of the items I’m considering:

These are Chevron Curtains that retail for $99 on Etsy.

Each of the items retails for less than $50 on Etsy:

The crown above would be used strictly for decoration. The vases would be used for either flowers or for storing spoons/utensils on the cabinet.

The above painted Mason Jars would also be used as utensil holders/decorations.

Now as far as the walls, I know that I want to use white frames (to match my cabinets and the white in the curtains). I’m thinking of adding three pieces of art (in similar styled frames) to the walls. Here are some prints I’m considering:

This print would look amazing matted with aqua blue and placed inside a white frame.

And finally, here are some photos that inspired my Aqua/Orange kitchen combo:

We will be painting before the end of June. I’ll keep you guys posted on the status!!!


Organizing A Scrapbook Idea Binder

Over the weekend I decided to organize my Scrapbook Idea Binder.

Since I started scrapbooking 10 years ago, I’ve collected magazine tear outs, printed how to guides from the Internet, and created sketches for pages & albums I’d like to recreate.


My process included:

1. Removing all pages from sheet protectors and creating a stack.

2. Reading each page and determining it’s category + writing a little note about something I loved. If the layout that I liked was on a page with a random advertisement or a layout I wasn’t crazy about, I cut it out and glued it to a white sheet of computer paper.

3. If I came across a layout that didn’t match a category I already had, I wrote a new category on my Master List. My final master list included the final categories:

A. Layout Ideas – this category was for layouts that I love in general and hope to make one day.
B. Journaling – ideas for writing stories & recording memories
C. Numbers – how to incorporate ages, charts & graphs into layouts
D. Organization – how to bring order to supplies, tools & craft spaces
E. Theme: Baby – I make a lot of gift albums and frames for and about babies so it was only natural that I’d include this category for easy access
F. Decor – how to make frames, shadow boxes & other items for the home
G. Theme: Birthday – ideas for birthday layouts
H. Minis – everything related to making mini albums which for me is anything less than 8 x 8 inches
I. Photos – photography ideas
J. Kid’s Projects – crafty things to do with little ones or fun
L. Sketches – nothing but layout sketches created by other people


4. Next, I created index labels for the divider tabs for each category. I was sure to insert the tabs in the binder in alphabetical order.

5. While sorting though each page I created a pile for each category.

6. I then inserted each page into a sheet protector and put it into the binder in the appropriate category. I ended up throwing away a lot of pages that were outdated or no longer inspiring for me.

7. I scheduled a date on my calendar to go through the binder again (1 year from now).


The final product contained 125 sheet protectors (with 2 pages per sheet protectors). So I have a total of 250 pages of inspiration. I need to go through a similar process for my recipes, home decor ideas and fashion ideas. The entire project took about 6 hours (3 hours for two days). Binders are an effective organization tool. I use them to organize several projects in my personal and professional life.

Project Life – Week 1 of 52

Project Life is a simple approach to capturing everyday life created by Becky Higgins who you can find here:

Some people take a photo a day, others approach the project weekly. I’m doing the weekly approach and unlike many others, I’ve decided that I’m going to make my own journal cards and tags (although the ones from the official Project Life Kit are absolutely perfect)! I decided that I’d challenge myself to complete this project this year, and as a reward for finishing I’ll purchase a kit next year. Anywho, as it stands, I’m planning to complete my week on Saturday and hopefully have the post up no later than Sunday (for the previous week). I want to share my space with you guys, as well as share my Title Page & Week 1 Layout!

This is my project life corner. It includes an inbox (for me to easily capture and have access to all my memorabilia that week). The thing about Project Life is that you’re supposed to use not only pictures but receipts, menus, business cards – whatever you have that represents that particular week. There is also a rotary tool/journal card organizer that I purchased from staples (for about 20 bucks), a file sorter, a 12 x 12 accordion file (to keep the specialty cardstock that I bought just for Project Life), a pop up note dispenser (great for jotting quick notes about a photo or artifact), a disposable zip lock container (that holds embellishments & stuff to small to go in the rotary file) and a binder (that I use to hold my alphabet/letter stickers).

This is the collection of journal cards that I made totally from scraps. I’m always trying to use my scraps lol!

I found this notepad called “Today Mini Goals” for $5.00 in the “clearance” section at Staples. It’s perfect for Project Life!

A close up of the rotary file that holds journal cards & tools purchased at Staples for $20.00.

Here is the title page of my 2012 Project Life Album…

A part of this page was private, so I had to “blot” it out. Can only share with friends & family! Love you guys though!

Here is the final page of my Week 1 layout.


1. Don’t purchase photos on line! They take TOO long to deliver! I must find a local print studio that I like better than Walgreens & that will print my photos within 24 hours.

2. I’d like to journal more throughout the week. This week I jotted notes down on post-its and wrote one large journal.

3. Keeping my camera with me is key. A lot of the pics were ones that I was fortunate to capture because I had my camera with me like this one, on the way home Friday, Jan. 6th:

Save Money On Your Heating Bill…

If you live in an older house or building, you probably have older windows that are not energy efficient. I purchased a Window Insulation Kit (3 pack) for about $5.00 from Home Depot. It comes with plastic, double sided tape & all you have to do is cover the window & then use a hairdryer to “seal” the plastic to the window. According to the kit there is an up to 90% energy difference.

Don’t cover up all of your windows! For safety’s sake you may want to leave at least one window in the kitchen open, as well as one of the common areas in the event of an emergency.

We’ll see next month if it actually makes a difference on the heating bill, but my bedroom is much more cozy now!!!