Gel Manicure At Home


For most of my adult life I have taken the trek to the nail salon every 2 weeks. My preferred treatments include a “no-chip” gel manicure + a classic or traditional pedicure. I enjoy the no-chip gel manicure because I like for my nails to always be polished.

Traditional manicures would never last more than a 2 – 3 days for me because I frequently do chores at home including cleaning my house, washing dishes, etc. The no-chip gel manicures are nice because I can do all of those things but my nails still look freshly done – shiny, chip-free and groomed.

When doing the math, this is the amount of money I’ve spent on salon manis & pedis over the last five years: $10,400.00.

Truthfully I have other financial goals. I’d like to own properties in other cities (with New Orleans being at the top of my list). I’d like to travel more internationally. I’d like to invest more in for-profit ventures. When I look at the money that is going out, I quickly realized that I could take the money I’d spend on one or two salon nail treatments (roughly $80.00 per visit with tip included) to purchase my own supplies and invest that money elsewhere. Here is a list of what I purchased with links on where I purchased them from Amazon:

  1. Cuticle Pusher & Cutter  – Click here to purchase.

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 4.20.43 PM

  1. Gellen Gel Polish – Popular Nude Colors Series  – Click here to purchase.

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 4.21.31 PM

  1. Gellen Nail Polish – Fall Colors Series 6 – Click here to purchase.
  2. OPI Chocolate Brown (Squeaker of the House) Polish – Click here to purchase.
  3. OPI Bubble Bath Polish (my favorite nude) – Click here to purchase.
  4. OPI Lint Free Nail Wipes (lint free nail wipes are better than traditional cotton balls which leave behind cotton residue) – Click here to purchase.
  5. Professional Nail Soak Off Clips. (used to soak off gel polish) – Click here to purchase. Excited to use these instead of foil.
  6. Polish Organizer Box – Holds 48 bottles. Click here to purchase.
  7. UV LED Nail Lamp (curates gel polish) – Click here to purchase.
  8. Acetone (used to soak off nail polish) – Click here to purchase.
  9. Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat (used as a top coat for toe nail polish) – Click here to purchase.
  10. OPI Orange “Freedom of Peach” Color – Click here to purchase.
  11. Gellish  Fantastic Four Kit – Click here to purchase. According to my research this kit goes with almost any brand of gel polish. It includes:

PH Bond – Goes on natural nail, Foundation (base coat for gel polish), Top it Off         (Top Coat) and Nourish (Cuticle Oil.). Each bottle is clearly labeled and the back of the box reveals the cure time for the lamp which was accurate. The Gel Polish also includes the recommended cure time. Essentially after each layer you cure for 60 seconds – 2 minutes, but must use the instructions on the box.

14. Rubbing Alcohol

15. Nail Clipper

16. Nail Buffing Block

17. Nail Brush

Some of the items can be purchased at your local Target, Walmart or other preferred store. Total spent: $198.40, which is the equivalent of 2.5 salon visits for me. I did splurge a little bit on buying multiple bottles of nail polish and gel polish sets. You can cut down on that cost significantly. You also don’t have to purchase the polish organizer. I match my nail colors by the season. In the Fall I love earth tones. In the Winter I do a lot of either greys & dark colors (like navy blues, etc.). I also like splashes of silver. In the Spring I like pastels and in the summer I like bright bold colors and nudes.

Here is the recommended process. Assuming that you’re starting with your natural nails:


1. Push back cuticles.

2. Clip the nail with clippers & Shape the nail with a nail file.

3. Buff the nail. I personally like the labeled nail buffer blocks that tell you which order to do things. Click here for an example.

4. Wash hands using a nail brush like this.

5. Thoroughly dry hands & nails using a paper towel.

6. Apply 1 thin layer of PH Bond then cure (according to instructions.)

7. Apply 1 thin layer of gel polish of your choice and then cure (according to instructions).

8. Apply second layer of gel polish of your choice and then cure (according to instructions).

9. Apply 1 layer of top coat and then cure (according to instructions).

10. Wipe with a piece of cotton or nail wipe soaked in alcohol to shine.

11. Apply cuticle oil and rub into nail and apply lotion to hands.

12. You should be good to go for 2 weeks.

I will add a section in two weeks about how to remove the Gel Nail polish based on how long it takes me to soak it off using the supplies I purchased. Stay tuned!

Helpful Tip: When shopping on Amazon, I only purchase things that have 4 or more stars. I also read the comments to see what people have to say about the product.