Love Jones 

We often tell kids not to believe movies. It’s imaginary. It’s not real. It can set up the wrong expectations.

The Year was 1997. I was in middle school, but I was an avid writer – of journals & poetry. 4 years earlier I saw Poetic Justice which made me fall in love with the poetry of Maya Angelou. 

Love Jones invited me to learn about Oshun, and the power of philosphy, and memorizing quotes and it was the first film that I consciously remember that featured black intellectuals being cool. Although I was still young, I felt like the characters in Love Jones were people that I wanted to know. 

Love Jones was also the first time that I fell in love with the City of Chicago. At the time I was living in Kansas City, Missouri about to make the transition to Minneapolis, Minnesota for High School. A few short years later, I’d make the decision to attend DePaul University in Chicago.

In addition to Darius Lovehall, Teacake (pre-madness)!from Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God were my two favorite male characters. Little did I know just how much their influence had on who and what I would be attracted to and ultimately who and what I’d marry. 

I jokingly refer to my husband as “my Darius” and “my Teacake.” He’s a creative, he’s into deep intellectual conversations, he truly has his own unique perspective and path independent of what others think about him. He rides motorcycles and he’s a true son of Chicago.

Well next Saturday, Che & I are being honored by Black Harvest Film Festival for our community work! I got goosebumps when I realized that they are also celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Love Jones! In some cases life does imitate art and we get glimpses from the universe that confirm we are exactly where we should be, with whom we should be… It is always a blessing when someone validates you and your work and it’s wonderful that a film that meant so much to me, will be a part of the experience! 

A Look Around My Office 

This morning I said that I’d go live on Instagram to do a tour of my office. My baby dog was spayed this morning, so I decided to spend the evening cuddling with her. I did want to share some of my favorite things from my office:

Above: My IKEA Expedit shelf holds so much. These large square bookcases can hold so much! 

I recently purchased some Philips HUE LED lights. I control them from an App in my phone. They can change colors, the bulb doesn’t get hot and they can work together to create scenes! 

Beyonce is my absolute favorite! I had one of my favorite posters framed. I also recently purchased the “What Would Beyonce Do” desk tag from Modcloth, which lives on my desk.

Peacocks are my favorite animals. These feathers were the first thing I purchased for my office and I designed the rest of the room around those colors.

My gallery wall. I’m thinking about adding another row of frames at the top. 

I save all of the cards that I receive. This one from my Aunt I turned into a piece of art because I love the words & the messenger!

Everyone I travel in the world, I always purchase art. This piece I purchase in Mumbai in India and its a silk painting.

Another piece of art I picked up from an artist in NOLA. I loved the rhinestones.

My Vision Board and a 3 month calendar that lives above my desk. I change it annually during my end of year, new year rituals.

I found this Vintage Olive Green file cabinet on Craigslist and it’s one of my favorite pieces.

This is my super fast and powerful Fujitsu Scansnap ix500. I’ve seen it used in Medical Facilities and it allows me to digitize all of my documents. I keep a digital file cabinet of everything in Dropbox.

I love words especially the words on this cup from Michaels.

My favorite scent is Pink Champagne from Pier 1. I have diffusers, candles and room spray. I initially purchased it immediately after New Years, and was told that it was seasonal. I’ve gone back every month and it’s been there. Maybe they will make it a permanent part of their collection.

Glitter is my favorite color, followed by gold, followed by pink. I had to have this lava lamp because it combined so many of my favorite things.

I try to find gold or metallic office supplies whenever possible. Here are a few of my favorite items.

These pens used to be my favorite back in the day! I use them now often for scrapbooking. I found this mega pack on Amazon.

My office is the place where I get my work done. I have a high capacity black and white printer/copier and a regular HP printer for color. I am able to get most of my work done on these two machines. For larger jobs I go to FedEx or order online. 

So these are some of my favorite things in my Office! I look forward to the day that I can decorate my DH Office!!!!

Meeting Extended Family Members in Colombia 

Caption: This beautiful woman said that I looked like her daughter and she sang a song for us. 

Yesterday my mother-in-love, my husband & I had a chance to tour Palenque de San Basilio in Colombia. Our tour guide was Alex Rocha of Experience Real Cartagena. Palenque is significant because it is the first free town for Africans, established in the Americas by former slaves.

Cartegena de los Indias, had over 1.1 million enslaved Africans enter their ports. Some of the slaves escaped & established these Palenques which means “walled city.” Palenque de San Basilio is one of the last of the surviving Palenques & thru still maintain many African traditions & customs. Cartegena is 70% black, and Afro-Colombians make up 10% of the national population. 

Caption: Benkos Bioho was the liberator of the people of Palenque. There is a school there named after him and a statue in the town square. 

Palenque is about a 60-90 minutes drive away from Cartagena, into the mountains, rural area. When we arrived, I felt super emotional, to learn about my people, to see where they lived with my own eyes & to know that they had been making their way since 1691, when the Spanish Crown guaranteed Africans of San Basilio de Palenque their freedom. 

I am so grateful to Alex, who also runs a youth Center in Cartagena & his family for the experience. Alex teaches the youth English, which is the key to better a economic future. My experience in Palenque is one I will never forget & it is one of the most impactful experiences I’ve ever had traveling abroad. 

BoHo Berry Challenge – Day 7 

An Area I’d Like To Improve
I’m always on a quest to find more efficient productivity systems. I find myself constantly downloading new apps, purchasing new planners, and reinventing my productivity structures because I don’t feel like I have yet mastered or feel 100% comfortable with my current systems.

I’d like to eventually develop and stick to processes that include:

1. Daily routine 

2. Strategic Planning 

3. External Communication (for both private and professional affairs)

4. A system for keeping up to date with my scrapbooking and writing 

5. A system for clearing digital clutter.

If you have any suggestions for any of the above! Please let me know! 

BoHo Berry Challenge – Day 6 

Day 6: I Need Less…

1. Social Media – seriously considering putting myself on a tight schedule. 

2. Emails – the constant avalanche!!! 

3. Items in my office – my home office is a super cluttered. I need to purge it!!! 

4. Apps on my phone – too many apps! 

5. Files on my computer – too many files!

When I look at my list I realize I need less clutter! 

Boho Berry Challenge – Day 3 of 31

This blog is Part 3 of a 31 Day Challenge presented by @boho.berry on Instagram. 

3. Where I Want To Be

Mental/Learning/Personal DevelopmentI’d like to apply for more fellowships in the upcoming year, as well as to invest in at least one conference. I’d like to attend the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit next year.  

Vocational/Career/Business  – I’d like to do more writing here on my blog. I’d like to do more speaking engagements including panel discussions and presenting at workshops. 

Financial – I’d like to purchase property in another state (most likely New Orleans). I’d like to get a sizable amount of savings (at least one full year of living expenses). I’d also like to avoid accumulating any more debt by paying cash for things as much as possible. 

Family – I’d like to become a mommy one day (soon)! I’ve been dealing with fertility challenges from the time I experienced my first loss in 2011, but I believe in my heart of hearts that God is going to bless me to be a mother one day. Even if we aren’t able to do it naturally, the backup plan is to adopt or foster! 

Social – I need to spend more time with my girlfriends. I’m also planning to start hosting a few of my mentees at my house once a month. I’m also strongly considering doing a Viewing Party for the new season of Insecure.


Caption: Kkloe Kardashian’s Fitness Closet via Pinterest. 

PhysicalI’ve set several goals in terms of diet, weight and inches. My plan is to do what has to be done on a daily basis until I get there. 

Spiritual I’d like to do more journaling about my day-to-day experiences through the lens of the spiritual. I’m also thinking about taking one bible verse or passage a week and meditating on that. I’ll let you know what I decide to do. 

Boho Berry Challenge – Day 2 of 31

This blog is Part 2 of a 31 Day Challenge presented by @boho.berry on Instagram. 

2 Where I Am Now

Mental/Learning/Personal Development – I have committed to reading one chapter of a book a day. I prefer to read non-fiction books. Most recently I finished John C. Maxwell’s The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. John C. Maxwell is one of my favorite writers.  

Vocational/Career/Business  – Right now I am the Executive Director of Donda’s House Inc. A non-profit organization based in Chicago that provides artist & youth development. I am very happy with my career and I have tremendous goals as it relates to growth for the next 3 – 5 years of operating. 

Financial As time goes on, I am learning more about personal finances and I am definitely not where I want to be quite yet. As an entrepreneur I don’t have a 401(k). For this reason, I have to spend the next ten years doing all that I can to make optimal financial choices to meet the goals that I have personally laid out for myself, and the collectively goals that my husband & I have laid out for our family. 

Family – I have been very blessed in terms of my family. My sister-in-law recently moved back to Chicago and I am so happy! She’s like the little sister I always wanted. Bonus points is that she is moving and will be down the street from us. 

Social – When things get crazy my social life is always the first thing that suffers. I’m looking forward to attending The Art of Rap Tour with one of my bestfriends and my sister on 7/22. I’ve been away from home more often than I’ve been home this summer, but when I get back home I’m planning to start meeting some of my friends for dinner and/or drinks on rooftops. 

PhysicalAbout 3 weeks ago, me and one of my friends started a journey to become healthier. I have already noticed the difference. Check out my before (about 4 weeks ago) and my after, earlier this week. 

BEFORE (4 weeks ago) 


AFTER (Earlier This Week)IMG_7517

Spiritual –  My favorite thing to do on Sundays is to watch Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. I also regularly read my bible. I’m thinking about figuring out a better system for studying my bible and other spiritual texts. If any of you guys have any ideas or rituals or practices, please let me know!