Initially composed 35,000 feet in the air, on my way to Clinton, Tennessee for the Black Community Crusade for Children Conference. My personal manifesto (or bucket list) is a living document, which means it is subject to change.

  1. Travel to Maldive Islands
  2. Travel to Italy – Take a gondola ride
  3. Travel to France – Visit the Eiffel Tower
  4. Travel to Ghana – Visit the Slave Castles
  5. Travel to South Africa – Take a safari & stay in the wild for one night
  6. Travel to Egypt – See the pyramids
  7. Travel to Hawaii – Go snorkeling on the coral reef & go surfing
  8. Travel to Greece & visit all of the Ancient Greek sites
  9. Travel to Los Angeles California – Beverly Hills – Hollywood
  10. Travel to the State Fair in Texas
  11. Publish an article in either Essence or Ebony Magazine
  12. See and swim in a Waterfall
  13. Go skydiving
  14. Stay in a Penthouse Suite in New York City (Manhattan)
  15. Own a conflict-free diamond necklace, bracelet or ring
  16. Visit the inside of the White House of the United States
  17. Visit a plantation house in the South  (July 2015)
  18. Do a genetic test for significant other & I to figure out our lineage (September 2015) Read more here.
  19. Become a mommy (I’m a mommy to 3 angel babies… praying for at least one rainbow baby one day soon!)
  20. Sit on the board of a Youth Non-Profit Business )<— Hubby & I created one!
  21. Build a classic/timeless wardrobe
  22. Go to baking school to learn to make pies, cakes and bread
  23. Make a quilt from scratch with matching pillows
  24. Learn how to do a “smoky eye” red carpet look
  25. Visit Carnival in the Caribbean
  26. Touch a dangerous animal (a lion, tiger or a panther)
  27. Go to a Buddhist temple in Asia
  28. Host a Girl Conference for black women
  29. Become a published author of a best-selling book
  30. Have a professional photo shoot
  31. Have a big “SKATE JAM” for my 30th Birthday & do 30 things to celebrate my birthday (decided to do dinner with my hubby instead)
  32. Pay for a girl in Africa to attend school
  33. Mentor a young black girl
  34. Spend some time on a Yacht
  35. Drive to the top of a mountain and stay overnight
  36. Purchase a really expensive hand bag
  37. Train ride with significant other to Southern Illinois
  38. Train ride across the country (perhaps)
  39. Get to & maintain a weight of 150 pounds or less
  40. Start a scholarship in my grandmother’s name
  41. Go jet-skiing
  42. Go water surfing
  43. Design the ultimate I-Tunes Playlist for different events/moods
  44. Get paid for my writing
  45. Start roller skating regularly
  46. Take a calligraphy class (Added 5/20/13)
  47. Take a photography class (Added 5/20/13)
  48. Travel to one new country a year (Added 1/6/16)

Co-Founder & Executive Director of Donda's House, Inc. Wife to Che "Rhymefest" Smith. Believer. Writer. Scrapbooker. ΣΓΡ.

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