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  1. jeanette foreman says:

    I continue to love your activism and voice.

    share a doc film that I think would be a great tool for your to include in your efforts to quicly educate viewers about the foundation of past and present African American economic disempowerment. It is a great follow up to the many recent films (Selma, 12 years a Slave, Django Unchained etc) that have been giving Americans- Black, Brown and White, gving new information and perspective on what happened to Black Folks that the history books dont tell, The film is “Slaverry by Another Name ” was a Sundance choice and a pbs documentary.

    It was the best treatment I have ever seen about the aggregious economic exploitation of Black Folks that analysed and doucmented the economic costs and impact of Black ongoing “slavery ” from post civil war through the 1950’s. It shines a bright spotliht on issues of incarceration, unemployment and education disinvesment of Black now.that can be used to fuel our quest for specific solutions.

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