2019 Vision Board Reveal


I have finished my 2019 Vision Board, which will remain in place until the end of December of 2019. 

A Vision Board should be a tool that inspires you to manifest your intentions. I speak more about how to set intentions in my Vision Board Masterclass here. I also speak about the process here

Here is a closer look at my Vision Board:


I cut my hair earlier this year. Danai is so beautiful with her short hair. This image is a reminder that strong & sexy are not mutually exclusive and it is also connected to my intention of living a healthy lifestyle.


This photo of Naomi Campbell connects to my intention of “looking good, for good.” This phrase was coined my our friend Kenneth Cole. I love fashion and style and when I step out, I want to do so with confidence and with class! 


This graphic represents the many hats that I wear, as well as the type of clients I’d like to work with. I am now offering consulting services and would love to work with people, women in particular who are in these different industries. You can book one on one time with me here.


I always have some form of travel on my Vision Board. I’d really like to travel to the following places in 2019: Mexico, Morocco, Egypt, Senegal (for the 2nd time), Italy and I’d like to go mining for gemstones. I was not able take a trip out of the country in 2018, so I plan to make up for it with at least 2 trips in 2019. 10781705248_IMG_8808

I want to be more present in my body and I want to DANCE more in 2019. I’ve also been really focused on doing more with less and living a life rooted in abundance and not lack or scarcity. 

Here are some sample pages from the Ultimate Guide to Creating A Vision Board Book: 

Sample Page 1Sample Page 2Sample Page 3

Vision Board Book

Vision Board Book

I would love to see your Vision Board! Post a link in the comments or e-mail me at wespellwell@gmail.com! I believe that when others see our Vision Board it adds good energy amplifying our intentions & manifestation process. It is also a built in accountability system when we make our intentions public or open. 


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