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They say it takes 10,000 hours to become a master. If you do the math and spend one hour a day studying something that is around 27 years. At 34 years old I can’t think of anything that I would consider myself a master of. Maybe writing, maybe teaching, maybe learning… but even with teaching – methodologies, what we know about the brain and the social, political and environmental contexts constantly change, so I don’t know if one is ever really a “Master Teacher.” A master teacher is ultimately truly a master student. This week, I have realized that I suffer from “Oh, squirrel!” brain, and I’m learning to make peace with that. I also launched a new professional website,

At first I was going to get rid of this site, but then I realized I still need this digital studio and lab to think out loud. will be reserved for professional, business and “suited & booted” things. DonnieNicole will be reserved for social commentary, magic, astrology and all of the other glitter, stardust and “oh squirrel” things.

Yesterday there was a New Moon in Gemini. I have Gemini in a couple of places in my chart including my ascendant. I am “Gemini Rising.” So the astrology this month is going to be super strong for me. I am by no means an astrological expert, but I’ve been studying long enough (about 3 years) to navigate the basics.

My rituals included:

  • Burning a New Moon in Gemini Candle from House of Intuition.
  • Burning sage essential oil in my oil diffuser and lavendar cone incense.
  • Adding Agate, Green Aventurine and Citrine to my altar (all stones with correspondences to Mercury). All astrological signs have a ruling planet. Gemini’s ruling planet is Mercury.
  • Writing down my intentions connected to the areas of my life that Mercury influences:
    • Communication
    • Information
    • Networking
    • Travel
    • Trade
    • Merchants
    • Commerce
  • Remember that every month there is a new moon and a full moon. The new moon is a good time to plant seeds, begin new projects, vision, dream, etc. We’ll talk about the full moon when it arrives. Whatever starts at the new moon will be reviewed or “closed” in 6 months at the full moon. It is helpful to keep track of intentions and then six months later to read back over your intentions and do some reflections around lessons learned, insight, clarity, etc. Life is the greatest teacher but it moves so fast, unless we have ways to capture what’s happening and reflect, we will continue to find ourselves reliving the same cycles – in the same way that the sun rises and sets, every single day. Although the sun rises and sets everyday – new things are happening – temperatures change, people are born, and people transition, seeds are being planted, and fruit is being harvested. If we don’t pay attention, we could make the assumption (and mistake) that today is just like yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that…
  • Correspondences are like time tested formulas or prescriptions for calling forth and working with certain energies. When researching correspondences, I generally try to confirm it in at least two or 3 reputable sources before using or trusting the information. I keep a binder/notebook of correspondences organized by intention (protection, love, creativity, etc.).
  • The window for New Moon Rituals is 3 days before to 3 days after.

Most professional astrologers say that the most impactful elements of your birth chart are your Sun Sign (the one that most people know by heart), your Rising Sign (some astrologers say that this is more important than your sun sign and will provide more accurate insight) and your Moon Sign (provides insight on how you process and deal with your emotions).

Here are some helpful articles and resources for understanding how the New Moon in Gemini may influence and impact you:

Emotionally Intense New Supermoon causing major shifts & disruption via Elephant Journal. 

Affirmation Horoscopes via Chani Nicholas. If you have the opportunity to purchase one of Chani’s courses please do so. I am a regular customer because not only does she provide good information, she is a great instructor/teacher. Her horoscopes and astrological advice really allows you to personalize the information!

Jessica Lanyadoo Horoscopes via The Hoodwitch.

New Moon in Gemini via Mystic Mamma.

Happy New Moon!!!

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