What Are We Truly Prepared For?

We all have ideas – lists, dreams, goals and wishes.

We visualize and we have all of these plans for the future money that we will make. We take test drives of the cars we want to drive (I see you Tesla!). We get fixated and obsessed with the things we hope to accomplish.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the role that preparation plays in manifesting our desires. Sometimes God, the Universe, Allah, etc. does not give us what we want because we are not prepared for it.

I’m a spiritual person and I believe in the school of thought that say God knows all and God doesn’t make any mistakes.

We see everything that we want, but we don’t always see the sacrifices that have to be made to accomplish certain things and I believe that our creator, our God knows what we have the capacity and the bandwidth to withstand & to uphold.

So what does that look like on the ground? Everybody wants to be a millionaire, but few invest the time and the energy to diversify income streams to reach that million dollar status.

Lots of people want to be married… but few have the stamina, the commitment & the resolve to sit through the hard and dark times.

Many rush to have children, but many people can be naive about how lots of the energy has to shift from ones self to caring for another human being, sometimes resulting in postponed or delayed dreams, and splintered time.

During this time of year as we reflect on the current year and make plans for next year, I encourage you to really search your heart, go in your prayer closet & ask yourself are you prepared for the things you say you want? You may not be able to answer the question right away and that’s ok, but it is a question that we all have to wrestle with, because the answer (whether we speak it aloud or not) is what the universe is manifesting, for our own good (even if we don’t see it or can’t imagine it to be so).

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