Happy 4th Birthday Donda’s House 

Happy 4th Birthday Donda’s House
You are 4 years old today! Only about 9% of start up businesses make it to their 4th year. You are still here because you are resilient, relentless and necessary. 

Thank you for redefining family for me and so many others. You have forged lifelong bonds, you have wiped many tears and you have created many laughs. You have created brothers that don’t share blood, you have created sisters that lean on each other and you have straightened the backs and raised the voices of the many artists who have opted in to our philosophy and mission.

More than anything I am thankful for the example of Dr. Donda West. A mother who opened her doors to so many “strangers” who were looking for something. She could have focused on raising her son but instead, decided to raise her community. From her we know that home is truly where the heART is! 

Donda’s House, thank you for being another option. A space where mostly black and sprinkles of brown youth gather to reimagine individually & collectively. Thank you for sometimes being in the minority when advocating for more time, more space and more resources. Thank you for being willing to remind others that the A in STEM is missing causing a great detriment to the next generation. Thank you for moving from the margins, to the very center wherever you find yourself.

I pray that our next year is our best year. I pray that other people continue to see your value. I pray that the people who you need, find their way to you. I pray that we find our way as quickly as possible to the people who need you. I pray that you move all of our artists, volunteers, staff and Board of Directors closer to their dreams and last but not least, when all else fails, I compel you to keep the fire of your intentions burning unimaginably hot. Visibly hot. Untouchable hot. 

Thank you to everyone who has done anything to support our mission! We are the change we wish to see!

With lots of love,

Donnie Smith 

Executive Director & Co-Founder 

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