Love Jones 

We often tell kids not to believe movies. It’s imaginary. It’s not real. It can set up the wrong expectations.

The Year was 1997. I was in middle school, but I was an avid writer – of journals & poetry. 4 years earlier I saw Poetic Justice which made me fall in love with the poetry of Maya Angelou. 

Love Jones invited me to learn about Oshun, and the power of philosphy, and memorizing quotes and it was the first film that I consciously remember that featured black intellectuals being cool. Although I was still young, I felt like the characters in Love Jones were people that I wanted to know. 

Love Jones was also the first time that I fell in love with the City of Chicago. At the time I was living in Kansas City, Missouri about to make the transition to Minneapolis, Minnesota for High School. A few short years later, I’d make the decision to attend DePaul University in Chicago.

In addition to Darius Lovehall, Teacake (pre-madness)!from Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God were my two favorite male characters. Little did I know just how much their influence had on who and what I would be attracted to and ultimately who and what I’d marry. 

I jokingly refer to my husband as “my Darius” and “my Teacake.” He’s a creative, he’s into deep intellectual conversations, he truly has his own unique perspective and path independent of what others think about him. He rides motorcycles and he’s a true son of Chicago.

Well next Saturday, Che & I are being honored by Black Harvest Film Festival for our community work! I got goosebumps when I realized that they are also celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Love Jones! In some cases life does imitate art and we get glimpses from the universe that confirm we are exactly where we should be, with whom we should be… It is always a blessing when someone validates you and your work and it’s wonderful that a film that meant so much to me, will be a part of the experience! 

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