How I Store My Scrapbooks

One of my Instagram Followers asked me how do I display/store my Scrapbooks. I wanted to share with everyone.

These shelves are in my dining room. Most of my Scrapbooks are 12 inch x 12 inch so they take up a lot of real estate. 

The pink albums cover my personal history all the way back to my birth. They are written in chronological order. My favorite albums are the leather We R Memory Keepers Ring binders.

The black albums are our family albums. They begin with our dating story (we started dating in 2009) and they go through today. 

The red album is my husband’s Campaign Album when he ran for City Council.

The yellow covers my first pregnancy (which ended in my baby getting her wings). 

The brown albums cover our home from when we first moved in until we got it together. 

The green album covers my trips to Johannesburg & Mumbai.

The light blue is my showcase album. I take it when I’m going to speak to kids or another engagement to share with people. 

When I turned 30 I decided to change my album color to Turquoise, so pink actually covers birth – age 29. 

Each album is labeled so that we know what’s inside.

I also have some mini Scrapbooks like this one that covers our trip to Florida. 

 And this one which covers my crossing into Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. 

I also enjoy making collages that are basically big Scrapbook pages. This one is my fav:

Finally, I often make gift albums – baby books, Frames, and mini albums as gifts for people! 

I hope this was helpful and I hope that it inspires more people to start scrapbooking or return to the hobby. Feel free to search the tag “scrapbooking” on here to read more of my blogs about the craft! 

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