Live From The Valley

Daylight savings happened yesterday, and here I am blogging from a snowy, freezing cold Chicago. The weather, is definitely indicative of my feelings at this time. I’ve documented on this blog before the ups and downs of [social] entrepreneurship and right now just so happens to be one of those moments where I am in the valley, looking ahead to a very tall mountain.


I don’t feel defeated, and have never felt totally defeated but I feel a little bruised. In this first quarter of 2017, we’ve gotten more “no” and “not right now” responses than yesses and just like real weight lifting my muscles are starting to ache from the fatigue of lifting repetitively.


So what do you do in the valley? I’m spending as much time as possible trying to learn about the mountain. Speak to people who have made it to the top. Examining all of the maps and photos that are available. Checking to make sure I have the right gear – the right shoes, the right ropes, the right snacks, enough water. I’ve tried to sprint up the mountain a few times, only to find myself tumbling back down to the valley. I’m also spending a lot of time getting my fellow mountain climbers prepared for this trek.

Finally, I’ve been spending a lot of time in prayer and meditation. Taking on such a huge, ambitious goal requires a certain mental, physical and spiritual focus so that no matter what happens during the climb, you can remain focused on the reason why you are climbing and work in tandem with the forces of nature that created the mountain in the first place.


So if you pass by me in the valley, toss your girl a bottle of water. Flash a smile and share some words of encouragement. One month from now – we should make significant progress. We won’t be at that top, but we’ll be able to look down and see the valley. 6 months from now we should be halfway to the top. One year from now we should be at that top – exhausted, fulfilled and using our binoculars to look at the next mountain we have to climb.

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