You Can Always Make Another Choice…

We often feel pressured to make certain decisions because of our age, our families, our culture or our fear of what other people can say.

Caption: Me when I decided to go natural in 11th grade! A huge decision for such a young age! I haven’t had a perm since before 11th grade! Natural hair was also not popular at this time, so it made me a bit socially awkward. 

When I was 25 I had to make the difficult decision to leave and divorce my first husband. It was difficult because all I could think about was what would other people say? 

Another very difficult decision was to leave my job at one High School to go work for another school. I loved the students so much, and would also have to sacrifice not having my own classroom, which is gold for teachers! Especially tenured teachers! 

Caption: This was my classroom at the school I decided to leave. 

In both of those cases I had to make a very difficult (and public) decision. On the other side of those choices were amazing benefits. In the case of divorce, I would find a better life partner. I would experience the type of love I’d always craved and fantasized about growing up. In the case of the school, I had the chance to work at one of the best schools in the country, under the best principal that I had ever witnessed. The skills that I learned at the school have been very applicable to my work outside of the classroom. Not to mention, that people attribute my teaching ability & professional skill to having the opportunity to work at such a competitive & well respected institution.

Caption: My famous word wall, that I always had up in all of my classrooms. 

If you are unhappy with anyone or anything, you have the right & ability to make another choice or to change your mind. 

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