Vision Board 2017

On this New Year’s Eve, I’d like to share my 2017 Vision Board with you guys. It is my ritual to complete my board on the last day of each year in preparation for the New Year. My Vision Board lives above my desk in my home office. Remember that the things you place on your Vision Board may not manifest within that calendar year. I actually keep all of the pieces from my former Vision Board in a scrapbook, as well as photos of the full constructed board so that I can continue to track the ways that my vision manifests.



I have witnessed the power of my Vision Board in so many ways. For example:

  • Serena Williams was on my 2014 Vision Board and this year she and I both received the Ebony Power 100 Award in the “Women Up” Category.
  • Black Girls Rock was on my 2014 Vision Board and I’ve had several calls with their team and still hope to collaborate at some point in the future.
  • Magic Johnson was on my 2013 Vision Board and I’ve built a great relationship with one of the former EDs of his Foundation who has become a great mentor and friend to me.
  • Professional Headshots were on my 2013 Vision Board, I’ve been blessed to be photographed by some of the best photographers in the country and I now have a full collection of professional photographs.
  • Fundraising was a big goal for me in my professional career (it always is lol) especially in 2015, and 2015 was our biggest fundraising year ever. We received a $133K grant from the Louis Vuitton Foundation which was the largest single grant/gift we ever received. Each year we’ve been increasing our funds raised in the double digits.
  • I used to want a BMW X6 and really wanted a new car so I put that on my vision board in 2015. My husband surprised me with a new car (an Acura MDX) for Mother’s Day in 2015.
  • Travel is always on my Vision Board. I have been blessed since 2014 to take multiple trips around the country including to Johannesburg, South Africa, Mumbai, India, London, England and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. All of those trips except for one, were paid for by someone else. I have also had the opportunity to travel domestically quite often.
  • I hired a personal stylist, who helped me to step my style game up. That was on my Vision Board for 2016. She is the bomb and helps me to get dressed for all of my events.
  • Issa Rae and I both received the Ebony Power 100 Award in the “Women Up” Category and she was on my Vision Board for 2016.
  • I put my dream closet on my 2015 Vision Board, and Che & I ended up redoing our closet by converting one of our bedrooms into our closet. Our house was built in 1910, and closet space wasn’t important at that time, but our bedroom closet fulfills our needs.

Here are the some of the highlights of my board:


I want to travel to more countries and I want to travel more for fun. Each and every item on my Vision Board has some significance including the number 50.


From a work perspective, Litehouses are my number one priority for 2017 and of course fundraising so I’ve got a check written to me for $500K (the minimum I’d like to raise in 2017).

I also love to write and continue to be inspired by Zora Neale Hurston, who in the photo was on an excursion in the Everglades. I love her work as a Cultural Anthropologist and as a Creative.

I also want to spend more time with my girl friends in 2017 so for the first time friendship is represented on my Vision Board.

Finally, I want to eat healthier so I’ve got fresh produce on my board. I used to put weight loss goals on my Vision Board, but now I understand that the path to weight loss is in my diet, and in my exercise.


I always want to remind myself to be mindful and to be intentional and I want to live from a perspective of abundance – financial, philanthropic, space, productivity, etc. When we live from a scarcity perspective – fear, paranoia, mistrust, squandering… things are indeed scarce. On the continuum, I’d like to move closer to abundance in every area of my life.

Beyonce is the standard for me in terms of excellence. I’d like for Donda’s House to be featured in Fast Company at some point and I love the words “Create. Defy. Slay.” At this point her name is an adjective for greatness, and I aspire to her level of greatness and excellence in my field. I am also inspired by the fact that Beyonce is married to one of the greatest businessmen in our lifetime. As a married woman, I am always inspired by other couples who are successful.


Gabby Douglas inspires me so. This image is a reminder to literally and figuratively stretch. It is a reminder to be more conscious of my health and to be more flexible.

From a marriage perspective, I’d like to continue my tradition of a weekly date night with my husband so that’s on my board.

Check out this blog from my colleague Emile Cambry who is the founder of Blue 1647. He keeps me inspired and does amazing work.

Thank you for reading my blogs this year and for all of your positive energy and love! I hope 2017 brings you everything you desire as well as good health, love, prosperity and a sense of fulfillment.

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