Capturing Memories… 

I spent my Christmas Eve & most of my Christmas Day scrapbooking. In the last 2 years, I haven’t spent as much time scrapbooking, so my “Stuff To Scrapbook” Pile is overflowing.

Last year I spent some time sorting through things & I was able to get things into folders: 

I usually toss all of the stuff I want to scrapbook into bins. I have two bins that are overflowing because I’m so behind:

My goal is to sort the two bins into either stories I want to share or areas of my life (family, work, friends, etc.) to make scrapbooking things easier since they will be clustered together.

I also have to find a solution for the larger magazines and other memorabilia that is too large to put into a scrapbook. Currently I keep them in plastic craft boxes:

These are also great to hold scrapbook paper & supplies. I’m not crazy about how they look on shelves with the albums. 

Here are some of the pages I completed this weekend:

I counted and I have 20 volumes of scrapbooks:

I finished up my Mumbai, India Trip adding that to the Johannesburg Album, making that Volume 21 on the shelf:

I’ll keep you posted on my progress this week!

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