Last Minute Gift Ideas

For The Travel Enthusiasts

Passport Holder and Luggage Tag via Nordstrom.


For The Beauty Lover:


I actually purchased a few of these Santa Tins filled with my favorite lush product: Bath Bombs! You drop the bath bomb into the bath and they create aromatic, skin-soothing/moisturizing magic. They are also made from all natural products! I’ve written about my obsession here. You can purchase the tins from Lush Cosmetics here.

For the Reader:

I came across this awesome app, that is the Netflix of Magazines! You pay a flat rate per month and get access to over 200 magazines! They are running a special right now, $10 for 3 months here.


Nothing says I love you like some good, soft (expensive lol!) fabric.

For bedding, I’m a fan of Satin (whispers romance), Jersey Blends (screams relax) and Flannel (mouths warmth). You can pick these up at Target OR Bed, Bath & Beyond.

For public areas, I’m a fan of a good faux fur, a chunky knit, or cashmere. Consider purchasing a set of throw pillows or a throw blanket in either of those fabrics. You can pick these up at Target, Marshall’s, TJ Max and/or Home Goods. I recently picked up a nice throw that wraps around the body for like $40.00 from Marshalls. These are great because they serve as beautiful decor, but they are also functional. I change out fabrics. In the Spring/Summer, I have lightweight fabrics, in the Fall and Winter, I pull out the heavy stuff that keeps the cold away.


This chocolate brown faux fur throw is available at Neiman Marcus.

The best gifts are those that are personalized. Think about what your friends and loved ones have been talking about lately.

Getting In Shape? – Consider purchasing a gym membership or a set of unique fitness classes.

Getting Organized? – Purchase a personal shopper for your friend who will come and audit his/her closet, or get a gift card to the Container Store.

Doing More Art? – Purchase art supplies or art classes for your friend at a local art store. JoAnns also offers a host of affordable art classes.

Starting a Business? – Purchase a legal consultation, or a Startup Book to let your friend or loved one know that you are with them 100%. You can also make a small investment in their business to show you care!

Think about recent conversations that you’ve had, and use that to whip up a personal gift in line with the wishes and goals of your beloved.






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