Summer Body In Progress…

I started using the video recommended by our 31 Days of She’s Gotta Show Coach Akisha here. It is a 15 minute Shaun T Insanity Workout.

In the past, I have not been successful when I try to workout any other time of the day than first thing in the morning. I have also used the excuse, “it’s too cold outside” or “I don’t have a gym.” I am very excited to know that the only things I need to exercise I already have – my ipad and some gyms shoes!

I weigh 197 pounds. In order to not discourage myself, I am only planning to weigh myself once per week. My goal is to lose at least one pound per week.

I also sometimes to try to do too much too soon. Rather than stacking on the kettle bell, the jump rope and all of those things, I am going to just stick to the 15 minute workout first. In a week or two, once that gets easier, I may start adding an extra 5 minutes for something else. I will also take advantage of natural ways to get more exercise like walking the dog and walking with my honey.

Be sure to follow the hashtag #31DaysofShesGottaShow to follow our journey. There are a group of us getting to it!


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