The Ultimate Packing & Travel List

I love to travel both domestically & internationally. Here are my packing & travel tips:

Caption: Packing Cubes allow you to better organize your outfits and make more room in your suitcase. Especially helpful if you are packing multiple people in one suitcase. img_0495

Caption: Hubby & I on our last adventure to St. Louis, MO. We regularly just pack up our bags and take a weekend trip somewhere. 


  1. Be sure to look up the clothing & cultural norms (e.g. are women expected to dress modestly?)
  2. Look up the climate & understand the season you are traveling in.
  3. Consider the type of activities you will be doing? Do you need activewear? Dress up clothes, etc.?
  4. Pack clothing in a similar color palette to make packing shoes & accessories easier.
  5. Pack more underwear than you need. You never know when you may have a delayed flight or decide to stay extra time.
  6. Pack at least one outfit per day.
  7. Pack at least one swim suit and cover up.
  8. Shoes (think function over looks). Think neutrals: browns & blacks.
    • Walking/Athletic Shoes
    • Flip Flops
    • Dressy
    • Casual
  9. Scarves (great accessory and can also be used to “cover up.”)
  10. At least two “dress up” outfits
  11. Don’t forget your belt.
  12. Don’t forget your bras.


  1. Prescription Medications
  2. Imodium (in case you get sick!)
  3. Pepto Bismol (some people prefer this over Imodium)
  4. Tylenol (or other preferred headache meds)
  5. Hand sanitizer

Carry-On Bag

  1. Try to keep it small!
  2. Blanket
  3. Pillow (Note: Many international flights provide both a blanket and a pillow, but I’m weird about germs and prefer my own)
  4. Socks (I like to take off my shoes during international flights & only wear my socks)
  5. Noise-canceling headphones (these are essential for traveling for me. I have a pair of Bose that I absolutely love).
  6. Reading Material
  7. More Water/Drinks (due to airport security, you will need to purchase these once you get past the security line & before you get to your gate)
  8. Compact Snacks (may be useful in your travels as well, depending on where you are going)
  9. Writing Material
  10. Print-outs of important things (your hotel reservation, ground transportation, itinerary, return-flight info)
  11. External battery (for laptop and other mobile devices)
  12. Assume no wifi or internet (even upon your arrival)
  13. Smart phone (for music, make sure your chosen streaming service plays music offline. I love Spotify, but you are required to turn the “offline” feature on, to make sure your playlists actually work when your device is in airplane mode.)
  14. Include a smaller envelope clutch or bag so you can stow the larger bag.
  15. Airplanes can get really cold. Be sure to dress in layers and have a jacket or extra hoodie to travel with.

Don’t Forget

  1. Make copies of your passport
    • One to leave at home with your friends/family
    • One to pack in your luggage in case something happens to your passport
  2. Make ground transportation arrangements
    • For when you arrive to your destination
    • For when you return home
  3. Leave room in your suitcase to bring things home. You WILL shop!
  4. Make a list of gifts/souvenirs to get and people to get them for.
  5. Look up travel norms for the country you are visiting.
    • Is it safe to travel via Taxi
    • Does the hotel offer an official shuttle
    • What are the tipping expectations
  6. Look into whether or not you need a Visa.
    • Especially true if you will be traveling to multiple countries. Sometimes you need a Visa to exit one country and enter another, regardless of your home country.
  7. Set a spending budget and stick to it!
  8. Let your banks know when and where you’re traveling (to avoid your account being frozen)
  9. Research where you want to go.
  10. Bring different types of bags.
    • a backpack
    • a clutch or small handbag or shopping bag
    • a pouch
    • Personally when traveling, I prefer hands free options. I also don’t usually travel with my designer bags depending on which country I am visiting.
  11. I don’t travel with much jewelry. Only earrings & my wedding ring. Flashy jewelry can make you stand out AND it also makes haggling/bargaining difficult because your jewelry is a signal that you are wealthy!
  12. Include a bag for dirty clothes (I hate for my clean clothes to mix with my dirty clothes while traveling. On the way back home, I remove all of the dirty clothes from the dirty clothes bag and repack them.
  13. Use travel packs/cubes, or employ the rolling method to make more space.


  1. Toothbrush
  2. Toothpaste
  3. Mouthwash
  4. Soap
  5. Deodarant
  6. Oil or Perfume (I usually take a rollerball or two)
  7. Makeup remover wipes
  8. Sunscreen
  9. Lotion
  10. Cosmetics (keep in a travel case)
  11. Wash cloth (depending on where you are going)
  12. Beach towel (depending on where you are going)
  13. Dry Towl
  14. Pantiliners or sanitary napkins (these can be difficult to find in some areas and super expensive. Pack your own)
  15. Shower cap

Feel free to ask any questions you may have OR tips you may have in the comments section below!

Bon Voyage!!!!

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