10 Ways to Steal Your Time Back

10 Ways to Steal Your Time Back

1. Wake up early or stay up late – if you have a big project to finish, consider waking up an hour early or staying up an hour later to finish it.

2. Delegate to someone else – if you have a busy week at work, as your partner or your children to do some of the household things.

3. Prepare the night before – pack your bags & pick out your clothes the night before. Plan your meals the night before. You will shave off some of  valuable time in the morning, leaving room for other things.

4. Organize your things – so much time can be wasted when you have to look for things. Your keys, your charger, your phone. I have a “command center” in my entryway where we drop all of our keys whenever we walk in the door.

5. Make a list – if you are feeling overwhelmed, stop everything & make a list. It’s a quick & easy intervention to get caught up.

6. Take a walk – sometimes your brain & your spirit need time with nature. A walk helps you take your mind off the stress & it releases valuable oxytocin – the feel good hormone.

7. Turn off the notifications on your phone. – this changed my life. Notifications on your phone can interrupt the flow of your work. They are like a ringing doorbell for your brain. Instead, I only check email at key moments of my day. I do receive text notifications for emergency or urgent messages. Everyone in my life knows to text or call me if something requires my immediate response.

8. Ask for help. – never feel like you have to keep it all together. Speak to your colleagues, friends & family to share how they can help. Also, don’t be afraid to outsource (hire) help.

9. Divide & conquer. Next year will be my 7th wedding anniversary!!! My husband & I have mastered this. From household chores to business affairs, we work together to get things done. If one person cooks, the other cleans. I do the laundry. He handles the trash, the litter box & the yard. It’s a perfect system.

10. Eat a good meal. Sometimes when things are stressful, you just need to slow Time down. Go out for lunch. Go grab a cup of coffee. Eat a savory snack. Your body will Thank you.

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