Fresh Pressed Chicago

I just got back from a brunch created by my friends Hannah & Daris Jasper called “Fresh Pressed Chicago.” The goal of the brunch is to connect people throughout the city doing great work, as well as to expose people to underutilized spaces and areas of the city.

During the brunch, which had lots of amazing food (guests are invited to bring something), guests stand up to press fresh juice, and share personal or professional good news.
I am so thankful for people like Daris and Hannah, who see an issue or problem and then implement a solution. I am grateful for the new friends I made and the good food that I ate! Cheers to all of the people in the world doing good things to make our communities a better place.

Today’s brunch was held at the South Shore Beach on the Southside of Chicago! (Not too far from the future home of President Obama’s Library which will be built in Jackson Park). The photos were taken on my phone:

Here is a little footage of the festivities:


Can’t wait for next month’s brunch! It’s always a good day to celebrate the good things happening in our lives and in our community!

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