Pins of the Week

I’m trying to make some lifestyle changes to be healthier. I’ve incorporated drinking fresh lemon infused water at least once per day.

I collect quotes via Pinterest. I love this quote because sometimes we “glam” out things that are problematic. I think this is especially true with social change and poverty alleviation. Sometimes we need to cut through the “glitter” to see what we’re really dealing with and answer some hard questions about our real goals and impact. 

I’m a huge fan of COLOR and this room balances vivid color well. It also has a lot of prints which create dimesion and texture in a space. 

Grace… I love this quote from Bishop Jakes because I’m trying to give myself more grace. I am my own biggest critic. 

This past weekend Donda’s House participated in Lake FX, the Midwest’s Largest free expo artists and entrepreneurs. We had a vendor table so I’m always looking for creative ideas to make our table more engaging and visually appealing. 

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