Pins of the Week – Visual Inspiration

I was an early adopter of Pinterest.  Even before Pinterest, I used to collect magazine and design book inspiration into massive binders. Pinterest is a visual “mood” board in a sense and there are thousands (maybe even millions) of users who also collect images there. 

Every Sunday, I’m going to share my favorite pins of the week. 

Style Pantry is one of my favorite e-fashionistas. I recently purchased a vintage pair of high waisted wide leg pants, and I’m looking for inspiration on how to style them. A button up silk blouse would be nice. 

Our First Lady is my style icon. I love this look so much! 

Found this shoe at DSW. I think it would look great with this purple vintage summer sweater dress I just bought. 

I’m always on a quest to get better organized and I love imagining my dream closet. I’m not a fan of white wood. I currently have white wood in my kitchen and its hard to keep clean but the chandelier is stunning! Looks like an orchid or a sea creature. 

Another cute closet inspiration. Bookshelves can be used to store more than books. This actually looks like something made for the bathroom that was repurposed into a handbag organizer. My goal is for my closet to look like a little boutique. I’d definitely borrow this look! 

For all of these pins you can follow me on Pinterest to see my curated collection! 

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