10 Reasons To Go Into The Woods

Blogging from a tent, that is being pounded by rain at the Sequoia Retreat Center. I’ve had the luxury of speaking about women with incarcerated loved ones, mass incarceration, feminism and so much more thanks to Essie Justice group! If you check out my Twitter @blkgrlunmasked, you can see some of the comments that resonated with me.

I wanted to share my pics from my nature walk today and also 10 reasons why you should go into the woods!!! I had a moment to meditate, listen to the earth and just spend some time with my own thoughts! 

10 Reasons to go Into The Woods:

 1. Nature is much louder and more present than anything human.

2. The cycle of life is crystal clear.

3. Multiple senses are awakened, especially when your senses are so used to (numb) to your regular environment.

4. Electronic service is bad and forces you to connect with others.

5. It’s a great place to get clarity and to work on your vision.

6. You get to be alone with your thoughts.

7. You see physical representations of the challenges in your life: steep hills, fog, barriers that blend in, etc.

8. It’s magical. 

9. You come face to face with fears you didn’t know you had – fear of the dark, fear of the unknown, etc.

10. You get really good photos!!! 

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