Planning Routine

Here is Day 3 of my #PlanWithMeChallengeDecember and it’s all about my Planning Routine. I broke it down into what I do daily, weekly, monthly.

My planner goes with me everywhere! The only time I don’t have it with me is when I go out & carry a clutch.


FullSizeRender 3

I check my planner when I first wake up, as well as when I go to bed.

I write down any new plans/commitments as soon as they happen so that I don’t forget.

I “sync” any new events to my digital calendar (New events are denoted with a post-it flag, once I “sync” them to my Google Calendar the flag is removed from the physical planner).

I check my planner in between appointments. I try not to schedule more than 5 things in one day (this could include meetings, phone conferences, events, etc.)

I also try to ensure that I have at least one day devoted to nothing but writing. I have to quarantine myself at least once a week otherwise things get out of control. This is the time when I write my grants, proposals, etc.



On a weekly basis, I:

Add all of the fun stuff to the calendar as far as stickers & other cute things.

Review e-mails to make sure I didn’t miss any invitations or meeting notices.

Write a “To Do List” for the week and move “to dos” from my monthly list into the week.

Do some meal planning. I usually cook a big meal every other day, and there is enough for leftovers for the 2nd day.

Schedule social stuff and “me” time. It may mean scrapbooking, shopping or mani/pedis which happen bi-weekly. I always squeeze in a date night with my husband.

I use a modified version of Myleik Teele’s (Founder & CEO of CurlBox) “highlighter” system. Everything that got done gets turned “pink.” Things that weren’t done are either not highlighted or turned yellow. On my to do list, things that I finish are also turned pink, and things that are not done are turned yellow, so that they can either be canceled/deleted OR copied to a new week/month.



On a monthly basis, I set high level goals. This could be house projects (like at some point I want to paint the basement stairs).

I add important deadlines for grants & other work-related stuff.

I look for birthdays & special holidays so that I can add gift making or purchasing to my to do list.

I look at travel to make sure I have everything that I need (sometimes I need to order promotional materials, or sometimes I need to pick up my travel size toiletries).

I also remove the pages from the previous month to make room. I keep them in storage just in case I need to refer to a past date.

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