How To Decrease The Distance Between Your Dreams & Reality


My daily goal in life is to decrease the distance between my dreams and my reality.

If you had met me ten years ago… you wouldn’t recognize me.

Ten years ago, I was trapped in a bad marriage and I worked at a job that took more life than it gave. I tiptoed around my brilliance, snuck away from my passions and consistently cursed out any thought that would force me to make a change in my life.

Sometimes our dreams are like our shadows… ever present… looming… unable to be grasped. We can see them… they are vaguely familiar, but for whatever reason the distance remains.

What is that THING that is burning inside of you. Maybe it came to you when you were a little girl? It was a dream so vivid that you almost forgot you were dreaming. I’m here to tell you that THAT THING can become your reality. You just have to make a plan.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s scary. You may be forced to end long-standing relationships. Your 10 year plan may get reduced to a 7 day plan. The thing about a dream is that it forces you to JUMP! Especially when you first start pursuing it. Whether you want to own your own business. Get married. Travel to a distant place. You can make it happen.

If you want to start your own business, don’t wait. Even if you work a 9 – 5 right now, you have some free time. Are your evenings and weekends free? Can you devote at least one of those nights to working on your business? Your job may be in control for those 8 hours you’re there, but you control the other 16 hours! Have you talked to someone who is doing what you’d like to do? Have you invested in your self by reading books, taking training courses and creating a website or marketing plan?

If you want to get married.. are you actively dating? Are you hanging out in places where you’d hope to hang out with a future spouse? Volunteering… Attending a professional conference… Have you spoken to the people in your tribe (your friends and family) who can keep their ears and eyes open for potential dates? Are you working to be the best you that you can be, so that when that partner comes along, you are secure, stable and ready (but not TOO READY lol) to open your heart?

If you want to travel, do you have your passport? Have you connected with other people in your circle who seem to regularly travel? Group travel is the best because you save so much money! Maybe you’re not quite ready to go to Thailand, but have you hit the beautiful beaches of Florida or California? Are you saving money so that you can travel comfortably without breaking the bank.

It’s taken 10 years for me to be in a place where I can say that many of my dreams have become reality. When I have a dream, I immediately go into planning mode. It’s not enough for me to dream anymore. I want as many of my dreams to become reality. The thing about my dreams that I realized is that there was one thing holding me back… me. Once I admitted that, literally, my life transformed before my eyes.

“A dream without a deadline is just a delusion…”

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