Fall Decor w/ The Smiths


Caption: My front porch is an eclectic mashup of Fall and Summer. Once it gets a little cooler the pink flowers will be replaced with Mums and other Fall blooms.

One of the best things about being a homeowner, is that I get to decorate my house for the holidays. Fall is my favorite season, and each year I look forward to the day that I can store the birdcages, the lanterns and the nautical inspired pieces from the summer. Fall for me is all about those warm, earthy tones, and of course PUMPKINS!

I get my decorations from a few places – Michaels, JoAnn Fabric, and Hobby Lobby. Last week, Michaels had 60% off of most of their Fall Decor. I don’t really get into Halloween as far as decorating the house (although I’m a huge fan of playing dress up).

Michaels usually has a 40% of coupon on their website: https://www.michaels.com.

Here are some of the pics from around my home:


Caption: This is the mantel in my dining room. I change it up seasonally or based on holidays.


Caption: The gold glitter candle came from Homegoods. The ropy vase to the right of the candle came from Target, and the golden Frame was scored at Michaels.


Caption: A Close up of the mantel. I purchased the glass apothecary set of 3 from Amazon. Each season I fill them with different things.


DSCN1790 DSCN1791

Caption: The wooden ball things are from Target. The glitter pumpkin is from Michaels.


Caption: The wreath came from Michaels.


Caption: Every week – two weeks I purchase fresh flowers from my grocery store (either Michaels or Jewel Osco). You can use the flower food that comes in the package to prolong their life OR you can add one cap of Clorox Bleach. Also, don’t forget to clip the stems every other day and change out the water!


Caption: My buddha came from a Marshall’s home section. My Corinthians Poster about love was a gift from my mother in love and I keep it in the fireplace because love is the foundation of a healthy home and marriage. Those stems are alive and I’m so happy to say that they’ve survived for 2+ years! I placed an extra wreath in the fireplace to give it a little Fall flare. Lastly, those candles are flameless candles. I would love to put real candles there but I have a dog, so to protect everyone, I keep the real candles up high. The cool thing about my fake candles is that they are on a timer and come on at the same time each day. I purchased them from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

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