Why We Have To Wait Sometimes…

“Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete,  not lacking anything.” – James 1:4

This is by far, the best verse I have ever read about the need for us to be patient. Of all of the virtues, patience seems to be the one that I struggle with the most.

My lack of patience, usually comes because I’m trying to be in control and for lack of a better term, we’re used to immediate gratification. Put your dollar in a vending machine – a snack comes out. Push the button on a remote – the television comes on. We are not used to asking, moving, or seeking – without anything happening in return.

The truth is, something IS happening in return and we just don’t see it. Our FAITH muscles are being strengthened. Things are happening that may need to happen, before we get what it is that we desire. Phone calls are being made. Interest is being compounded and if it is God’s will, one day that response that we so desperately seek will happen.

We have to wait, because God needs us to learn how to persevere, and PERSEVERANCE is faith personified. God needs to know that we won’t give up, give in or remain knocked down on the ground. He needs to know that WE know his word, and that we will be unrelenting in seeing his will fulfilled.

Thank God for sister Joyce Meyer’s devotionals, the free bible app and the spirit of the Lord putting James 1:4 in front of my eyes this morning… I hope that it blesses you, just like it did me!

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