“I’m Going Over Time on the Overtime…”


Caption: Me Speaking About Donda’s House at one of my Sorority’s Town Hall Meetings earlier this year… 

I work a lot… Almost twenty-four hours… and honestly I don’t mind it one bit.

I work so much, because I believe that I am sacrificing now on the front end to make things easier on the back end.

I am contributing to building an organization, Donda’s House Inc., that I want to live well beyond my lifetime.

I attended the gala last year of Lawrence Hall Youth Services, https://www.lawrencehall.org, and they celebrated 149 years of service!

I’ve never seen an organization up close and personal that has been in existence that long, and it inspired me.

It’s also probably why I’ve been itching to get to the pyramids, which are estimated to be around 4,600 years old.

I need to lay my eyes on one of the oldest structures ever built…

I am building something that I hope to last for at least 150 years so my perspective on how I spend my time has shifted drastically.

I know that life is short, and tomorrow is not promised… so I’m working very hard to get this institution that is Donda’s House where it should be.

I apologize in advance for the missed social gatherings, the “gaze” of reflection that I’m often found in, staring into space and the “ding” of my e-mail and text messages during conversations. Outside of family, my work is my #1 priority. I believe that this is what I was put here to do, so I’ve never been more intentional about how I spend my time because every single second, in the fragility of human life, and in consideration of the reach I hope we’ll have, is precious.

It is estimated that it took 20 years to build a pyramid, and my hope is that in 20 years, Donda’s House is as strong, breathtaking and sacred as those pyramids…

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