When A Dream Comes Alive…


Caption: Some of Donda’s House staff, volunteers and alumni at our Spring 2015 Auditions.

I woke up this morning, with Dr. Donda West on my mind. Dr. Donda West, is the woman who Donda’s House Inc. is named after. I always run into people whose life she impacted… new promoters who she gave a contract to. PH.D candidates who she co-presented at conferences with… young artists who she served as a surrogate mom to. I collect these stories & they cover my spirit like a quilt… A constant reminder of why Donda’s House Inc. was founded in the first place…

We are 19 months old now. I just prepared a Programming Update for our Programming Committee Co-Chairs and was brought to tears thinking about how far we’ve come. Common, in a speech at St. Sabina talked about how the higher the altitude the more difficult it is to breathe. But as you climb higher, you can see more clearly the top of the mountaintop. It’s important to look around and enjoy the view. The vision, is for Donda’s House to exist in every low-income community around the world. A safe space for youth to hang-out, learn, imagine and build new pathways. We’ve been working so hard, that we haven’t had a chance to stop and look around.

I am happy to say that we currently have free programs being offered in music, visual art, acting & film. We are working on programs in fashion, production and sound engineering, and photography. I know for certain the spirit of Dr. Donda West is alive and well in the work that we do and as we advocate & lobby for more support and resources for our students, I can certainly see the peak of the mountaintop.

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