“Dying Roses” by Che “Rhymefest” Smith


Guest post by Che “Rhymefest” Smith. Follow him here: https://twitter.com/rhymefest

Leaving 2014 there were so many signs of change on the horizon.
Political and Social upheaval happening locally, nationally and worldwide.
Acts of Terrorism, Protests, Police brutality, Political Changing of Gaurds, and constantly evolving technologies daring all of us to keep up.
I have no doubt coming into 2015 the pace at which the world is moving is entirely to fast for those of us who are trying to make it through another day.
Recently I’ve been witnessing the effects of this complex world on the people I love.
Men and Women, Friends and Family.
Every day I get a call or text about sadness, confusion, loneliness depression and even thoughts of suicide.
I’m not a therapist or professional and admittedly unqualified to deal with such burdens in a way that can give sustainable treatment.
I am however a good friend, who will not abandon you, nor enable you to continue feeling sorry for yourself.
My loved ones all have so much going for them and panic over what they perceive is missing.
Many of them don’t even know what’s missing which creates even more loneliness and anxiety.
I see friends and family who try to replace personal emptiness with sexual partners, drugs, religion, Money, careers and even seclusion.
2015 should be the year we protect our spirits.
There is an Attack taking place on good people. It’s trying to enter our homes our family members and us.
Be vigilant and fight back with kind acts, selflessness and socializing with other good people.

1) Anxiety- try to calm down, breathe deep and slow. If it’s to bad please go to urgent care and see a doctor.

2) Depression- don’t debate the judge in your head he wants you to engage him so he can convince you you’re not as good and capable as you know you are. He only knocks for 30-60 seconds before he goes away find a something to take your mind away when he comes to judge. You can win every time.

3) Loneliness- find a social group or hobby get out the house. Internet will make you more depressed find a group of real people to collaborate with.

4) Suicidal Thoughts- don’t emotionally minipulate others for attention this is the worst thing you can do! It’s Despicable. suicide is an act of temporary insanity and if you feel that way please go consult a professional. Your friends and family can’t help you. You need a professional.

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