Vision Board 2015 Reveal

I hope you are enjoying your Holiday Season! I wanted to share my Vision Board for 2015, which is my annual tradition to complete on or before the last day of each year.


My Vision Board sits above my desk in my office and now that I work from home, I see it several times per day! This year I focused on some of the things I’d like to do next year including travel, create a larger closet space for hubby and I and create more opportunities (I used to wait for opportunity…) I’m also hoping to get closer to that 7 streams of income for 2015, which I’ve learned is the key to financial success and prosperity. My Vision Board serves as a source of motivation & encouragement. Is a physical collection of all of things that I’d like to focus on either getting, doing or embodying within a 365 day period.


Finally, I want to remember to be a Proverbs 31 Woman: “She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future…” Faith over Fear in 2015!

If you have a Vision Board, I’d love to see it! Please drop a link to yours in the comments section!

I’ll try to check in again before the end of the year!


Here is my 2014 Vision Board: (also showcases my Vision Board from 2013).

6 thoughts on “Vision Board 2015 Reveal

  1. Thanks for your inspiration in a difficult time. I’m white, 56, ill and permanently confined to a hospital bed. I follow you via email because sometimes in your words I hear the echo of my best self. I wish all blessings for you, and may your light continue to shine where it’s most needed.

    1. Dear Linda! I am not aware of your situation, but I want to offer you some encouragement. While your body may be permanently confined to a hospital bed your mind is not, neither is your spirit or your heart. Thank you for your prayer, and thank you for subscribing via e-mail. Have you ever considered writing? I will definitely keep you in my thoughts and know that I am sending lots of love and light your way. Thank you for taking the time to comment. It means the world to me!

      1. I realized that I was a writer when I was six. The illness has prevented me from doing as much as I would like to have done, but on the other hand it’s taught me so much that once I become able to write consistently I’ll be a much better one than I could have been had I been healthy.

        I think being a writer is less of a vocation than a condition. Here’s one of my favorite true stories. A highly successful science fiction writer (I think Greg Bear, but I’m not sure) was at the breakfast table one morning when his elementary-school daughter told him not to forget that she needed a written excuse for being absent from school the day before because she had had a cold. Normally this was one of Mom’s jobs but for some reason she wasn’t there that morning. So the writer sat down to write his daughter’s teacher a simple note. About fifteen minutes later there was a pile of crumpled paper on the floor and his daughter was saying, “Dad, it’s almost time for the bus.” He said, “Okay, okay, I’m almost done.” Fifteen minutes after that the pile of crumpled paper had doubled in size and his daughter (who had probably been trying to get his attention for some time) said, “Dad, I missed the bus. Dad, stop writing and drive me to school.” And he drove his daughter to school and explained to her teacher in person why (a) she had been absent yesterday and (b) why she was late.

        Best wishes to you and yours for 2015,


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