It’s Time For Us To Turn Off The Noise & Turn Up (The Frequency)!

I came across the pic on Instagram:


I immediately thought of one of my favorite Outkast songs “Slum Beautiful” where they say “Hey girl, what’s your frequency/ and can I come there frequently…” I also thought back to the AAHH! Fest where as the EARLY SHOW stage manager, I had to wear a walkie talkie. The interesting thing about the walkie talkie was that if I wasn’t on the same channel as someone else, we couldn’t communicate… So… what do Outkast and Walkie-Talkies have to do with the point of this post… we have to go back to High School Chemistry…


All matter (including the human body) is composed of atoms and all atoms vibrate. The higher you vibrate… the more energy you produce… the more momentum you create… the more power you have. Without going too deep into the science of it all, sometimes we have to turn down (or off) the noise and turn up the frequency.

The noise is anything or anyone that is keeping you from fulfilling your purpose and destiny. It could include dream chillers and killers, those folks who never have anything positive to say about your goals or your ambition. It could include people who purposefully aren’t on the same channel that you’re on… those whose life trajectory is very different from yours (perhaps even polar opposite). Those who don’t seem to bring anything valuable to your life and perhaps, may even be taking things away from your life. The noise can even be yourself… that mean little voice that creates doubt and insecurity about who you are and where you’re headed.  Are you creating so much noise (drama, mess, paralyzing fear) in your life that you can’t get things done? When we think of noise, we don’t think of pleasant sounds… we think of a distraction, an intrusion, and discomfort. Today. not tomorrow, it’s time to off the noise and if you can’t turn it off, at least turn it on and turn up the FREQUENCY.

The higher the frequency (in sound) the more times a sound wave goes from a cycle from positive to negative to positive again. There are some frequencies that are inaudible to the human ear… my goal is to be so spiritually aligned that I’m operating on that level frequency…

I started this post with Outkast, and I’ll end it with them too… “Vibrate”

“Every boy and girl, woman to man/ when you feel you’ve done about the best you can/ mother *** the wagon come join the band/ vibrate higher…” Let’s vibrate at a higher frequency ya’ll, starting right now!

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