Do You Know Your Purpose?


Photo Caption: Hillary Clinton, Mrs. Marian Wright Edelman (my #1 role model, founder of the Children’s Defense Fund) and I.

Faith is my compass. It is the thing/person that I turn to direct my path. Everyone has a different compass, for some, their compass is money. For others, their compass is a romantic relationship. The compass is what compels you. Whatever keeps you up at night or jolts you out of your sleep. The purpose of this post, however, is to talk about purpose.

On most days, I start my day with a bible reading and daily devotional. Currently I am reading “Hearing From God Each Morning” by Joyce Meyer in the free Bible app. You can read more about the Bible App & why I try to start my day with God’s word here: Today’s post was inspired by today’s reading, as well as an Inbox Conversation I recently had with one of my students who is struggling with figuring out her purpose and what she wants to do with her life…

So how do you determine your purpose? For most people, their purpose becomes whatever they are good at OR whatever they enjoy doing… If people are good at math, they think, my purpose is to become an accountant. If people enjoy writing, they think, my purpose is to become an author or journalist. While I totally understand that logic, there is a critical component of the purpose equation that many of us are missing. Sister Joyce Meyer says, “When people work in jobs where they are not gifted, they are miserable – and so is everyone around them. But when people are in their proper places, they excel in their jobs and be a blessing to their employees and coworkers.” When you’ve found your purpose, it is a blessing not only to you, but you are a blessing to others. Sister Joyce Meyer continues “If we do what we are good at doing, we will sense God’s anointing (presence and power) on our efforts. We will know we are operating in our gift and that doing so honors God and ministers life to others. God speaks to us through this anointing, giving us peace and joy to know we are fulfilling his plan for our lives.” Just because you are good at something, or enjoy something, does not necessarily mean that is your purpose. In most cases, we are all blessed with certain strengths and certain weaknesses. In the same way that every fingerprint is unique, so are our gifts.

If you are struggling with figuring our your purpose, ask yourself these questions:

(1) What are the skills or actions I am constantly complimented on? (Are you a good listener? Are you extremely patient? Do people walk into your home and instantly compliment you on the decor or energy?)

(2) What do I do in my life right now, that I would do for free because I love it so much?

(3) Which classes did I enjoy the most in school? Which were my least favorite? Why?

(4) What would my perfect day look like (be sure to describe your perfect work day? What would I be doing? (Check out this post where I created my ideal daily schedule! Believe it or not, this IS my schedule now, a little over a year later!)

(5) What do you do that seems super easy? Goes incredibly smooth and brings you much joy? (When God is blessing you, there is little to no effort or struggle on your end. It feels like a “good luck” streak, or like a dream that you are actually living.)

Free Myer’s Briggs Type Indicator Test (scientifically based and universally accepted as a solid test for figuring out your personality type & the type of career path you should take):

Multiple Intelligences Self Assessment (another universally accepted test to learn more about yourself):

If you have questions or want me to go into something a little deeper, please leave a comment!

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