The Truth About Dream Chasing…

ImagePhoto Caption: On a #dreamchasing Mission in New York, pictured here at the Roc Nation Offices for a meeting!

Had a great conversation with one of my coworkers today about dream chasing. 

My coworker has essentially made the decision to pursue a life-long dream, and this coworker knows about my dream & goal of continuing to build and grow Donda’s House to a point where we exist in every major city and youth around the world can have access to our arts programming FOR FREE! 

The thing about dream chasing is that: 

– It requires more faith than fear… Faith that everything is going to work out. Faith that you aren’t making the biggest mistake in your life. Faith that your needs will be provided for, and that net will catch you before you fall head & face first onto the concrete… 

– It is super delicate… you have to be careful who you share your dream with because some people are dream killers… You’ll find yourself trying to convince and justify your dream so much that you will no longer have the energy to pursue your dream. Be sure that you surround yourself with dream feeders! People that will give you the knowledge, support and resources to make your dream a reality. 

– It requires action… “A goal without a deadline is just a dream…” it will only exist in your heart and in your mind unless you take specific actions on a consistent basis to make the dream real. Don’t focus on the end result… That can be discouraging, instead focus on the baby steps, the small actions that you can take, daily, weekly or  monthly to reach the GOAL. 

Dream chasing is not easy… It takes a lot of energy… can be both emotionally rewarding and emotionally draining, but in the end, you’ll be happy because you are living your life on purpose! 

From one dream chaser to another, I salute you! 

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