Which Tribe(s) Do You Belong To?


I had the pleasure of attending Happy Black Woman’s Launch Yourself Tour last night here in Chicago and as always it was exactly where I needed to be. Over the years, Rosetta Thurman, the genius & gorgeous spirit behind http://happyblackwoman.com/ has inspired me so much because she’s so transparent, actually practices what she preaches, and she’s literally created the life she envisioned, she is driven by her mission and she gives you the love tough… her love & her passion for empowering women just oozes from her…

There were so many take-aways from last night’s session, but the thing that is sticking with me the most is the importance of taking small, consistent steps toward a goal. I’m a dreamer… my head is always in the clouds… but sometimes, its  important to not think about the finish line but to just concentrate on the next step, and then the next and eventually you hit your stride. There are so many things that are out of our control – the weather and other people, but there are so many things that are in our control – how much TV we watch and social networks we stalk watch. Time is not something that happens to us, it is something that we dictate.

The other thought, as I looked around the room filled with beautiful black woman in various industries, of various income levels and of differing ages – was the importance of being surrounded by people of the same gender that not only cheer you on, but challenge you with the hard questions and remind you of the promises you made. Rosetta described the room as a “tribe.” As I prepare for a summer of amazing opportunities and unforeseen challenges, I am thinking about ways that I can build, interact with and support my fellow warriors and dream chasers.


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