Support Rhymefest’s New Music Project “Violence is Sexy”


Dear Friends,

I am super excited! Today, my husband released his “Violence is Sexy” Project on pledge music. Check out the link here:

There are so many reasons why I’m excited about this project. Music has been a part of my husband’s world since 3rd grade, when he wrote his first rap. “Violence is Sexy” is important, because the music has not only amazing production, but intriguing concepts. Two of the songs can actually be heard on the website. This project is 100% independent and I am honestly moved and inspired by my husband’s courage and his agency!

I’m a firm believer that you “vote” not only with your voice, but with your dollars! I hear SO many people complain about the state of hip-hop (or rap 🙂 today, and while it is important to protest and reject that which we do not like, it is also important to support, promote and invest in that which we do find healthy healthy & uplifting.

By investing in “Violence is Sexy” you are making a statement, about the power of music and independence. Whether you are a die-hard Rhymefest fan (did you HEAR Man in the Mirror?) or you’re just being introduced, I encourage you to check out the site, check out the music and most of all support. My favorite song is “Lil Cousin.” The song will literally have you in tears. You can donate as little as $10.00 or as much as $5,000.00 and the gifts are pretty awesome AND you get something for every dollar you donate. We have 60 days to reach our goal and can’t do it without you!

In Solidarity,

Rhymefest’s #1 Fan a.k.a. “Mrs. Smith” a.k.a. “Mrs. Rhymefest” a.k.a. “Analog Girl”


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