How Do You Balance It All?



Caption: Me in my Scrapbook Studio/Home Office

I have two full-time jobs, I’m a writer, I’m a step-mom of a 15 year-old boy and I’m a wife. There is always a running joke that wives are the “CEOs” of their households, and that is definitely true in my case, because I organize the family calendar, so if you count my personal commitments, I have three full-time jobs. 

Some of my friends and even some of the people I work with often ask “how do you do so much?” My mantra lately has been “blending over balance,” which was a nugget I picked up from one of the presenters at Blogalicious 5 in Atlanta. I find myself “blending” lots of things. During my morning or evening commute, I often do conference calls. There is a feature with, that allows you to record the call. That way, I can say what needs to be said & make plans and go back letter to write down “Next Steps/Action Items.” 

During my lunch break I often take care of my teaching responsibilities by grading papers, writing assignments and creating lesson plans. I also run errands such as a quick trip to the grocery store, to Target or to Costco, all of which are within 1 mile of one of my jobs. 

I write everything down. I use a series of tools including Evernote, Wunderlist and CalenMob (Google Calendar). I also have a good old fashioned notebook that I use to write meeting notes and task lists. 

I have also learned in the last 6 or 7 months to let go of a lot more and to ask for help. I have a fabulous assistant (shoutout to Ms. Kelsey R. – who has literally changed my life for the better) and a host of administrative & volunteer staff. 

So the key to balance it all is to lose the idea that balance is actually possible, to write everything down (and use automatic alerts), and to ask for help. 

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