20 People You Need in Your Life…


The following people are in no particular order but these are the people you should have in your Address Book!

1.  An accountant – When you start getting assets, you need someone to help you manage those assets effectively. 

2. An attorney – A good attorney can help you fight parking tickets and can help protect your brand, reputation and intellectual property.

3. A make-up artist – I’m not in the make-up artist every day camp yet, but whenever I have a special occasion I have three women I turn to that help me put my best foot forward. I also took some time to learn how to apply my own basic make-up (foundation, brows, eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick/gloss) in the event that my make-up artists aren’t available. Whenever I have a special event I call one of my MUAs!

4. Someone who makes you laugh until your stomach hurts. Sometimes you just need to laugh to keep from crying. There are a couple of people who can make me laugh until it hurts.

5. A good trainer – Health is important and you need a trainer to help you develop a routine! Bonus points if this person is also a nutritionist!

6. A good doctor (especially a good OB-GYN). You need someone who makes you feel comfortable!

7. A father (figure). This person can serve as your protector and can give you that paternal masculine energy when you need it.

8. A mother (figure). – Sometimes you just need an older woman to look out for you, to cheer for you and to give you motherly advice.

9. Someone (or something *giggles*) to make you feel sexy 🙂 If it’s a lover or romantic partner great… If it’s a machine… well that’s fine too. Sometimes you just need to feel SEXY!

10. A good mechanic – Car trouble is inevitable. You need a good mechanic that won’t overcharge you to fix your vehicle and give you routine maintenance.

11. A good general contractor – You don’t really need this until you become a homeowner, but someone to fix the plumbing and do other work around the house is important. We have someone who can do it all, gutters, cabinets, doors, you name it and he is VITAL in our lives.

12. A realist (or a pessimist). You need a trouble-shooter. The person you can call to talk you down off a ledge, to help you figure out what could go wrong and to make you approach a situation to be more prepared. This is particularly true if you are an optimist or dreamer.

13. An optimist. This is your cheerleader. The person who gives you the courage and the permission to just DO IT! You need this person desperately if you’re a realist or pessimist.

14. A good editor. Someone who can help you put your best foot forward on paper.

15. A public speaking expert/coach. We can all brush up on our presenting/public speaking skills. Bonus points if you know someone who can do a mock speech/mock interview with you before your time in the spotlight!

16. A ride or die friend. I have a couple of these! My girls will put on gym shoes and take off their earrings if it came down to it. They answer their phone no matter the time of day. I can tell them ANYTHING without being judged. My ride or die friends were even in the delivery room when I miscarried and gave birth to my angel-baby. They saw it all! NOTHING shocks them and it is so good to know that I have people like them in my life.

17. A professional mentor. You MUST have access to someone who has more knowledge and experience than you in your industry that you are not in direct competition with. You will learn so much from this individual!

18. A spiritual leader/guru. This should have been number one on the list, but who is your prayer warrior? Your life-speaker? The person who can look at you crazy when you stray too far away from your values.

19. A big sister figure. Someone that is a little older than you that you can share jokes and general life tips with. They are too young to be your friend and too old to be your mom. 

20. A mentee. We have to start training the next generation of leaders and strong women. If you’re in your twenties or older, you should have someone younger than you that you are helping to develop. It could be a family member or another young woman who would benefit from spending time with and learning from you.

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