Big Reveal… My Vision Board for 2014

Every year I create a Vision Board. The goal is to create a visual display of the quotes and images that inspire me. My focus this year was really on my professional life. Here is the board:

New Board


It lives directly above my desk in my office/scrapbook studio. This is the old board:

Old Board


I do want to add a dry erase board somewhere in my office to manage some of my projects. I also have room for more art above the bulletin board so I will be hunting until I find something. I really want to add something that has some texture to it. My favorite animal is a peacock, so maybe I’ll find a beautiful photo or painting of a peacock to hang.

Here is another old vision board that I put together a few years ago: 3148576588_259d9861cf

If you have a vision board, I’d love to see it. Post it link to it in the comments section. Be sure to complete it before the clock strikes 12 for 2014!

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