Urge to Purge


If you celebrate Christmas, I hope you had a Merry one. We don’t do the whole gift thing, but we did host a fabulous Christmas Dinner with our family and friends!

During this time of year I always get the “urge to purge.” This year it started about a week ago with our linen closer upstairs. I added some clear containers, purchased some new wash cloths ($10 for 24!) and re-shelved everything. Then the cleaning but bit me so I organized the area under the kitchen sink. I lost my phone last week, so yesterday I became the proud owner of a brand spanning new iPhone 5S.

20131225-233626.jpg Caption: This is the native calendar on my iPhone. I hate that you can’t see specific text on the month view.

I discovered a new calendar/organizer app called Pocket Informant. It is so much better than the native Apple Calendar because it allows you more personalization options. It includes icons (that you can choose from), a rainbow of colors that you can use for different calendars and it syncs to an Online Calendar system which then syncs to your other smart device(s). My absolute favorite thing about Pocket Informant is that you can add your tasks and checklists directly to the calendar and you can also sync your contacts and notes and access them from within the app. I love the simplicity of it and it looks so nice.

When I was younger before I went digital I used to use a Franklin Covey calendar. My favorite thing about that calendar was adding the stickers for birthdays and other special occasions. This app reminds me a lot of that planner with the icons and I found it by searching for “digital Filofax” which have also been pretty trendy this year.


Caption: A much better calendar view on the iPhone with Pocket Informant

There are still some areas that I need to organize in my home including my office and my kitchen. I was always taught to never go into the new year with a dirty home. I’ve stretched that philosophy urging to purge my digital space, my emotions and my spirit.

What are your personal or family traditions during the last week of the year?

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