A Forced Digital Sabbatical


Yesterday was one of those crazy days. I had to run a million errands including sending a few packages via FedEx, picking up something for dinner, cashing a check at the bank and picking up a money order at the Currency Exchange.

Papers were flying all over the place and apparently so did my cell phone. According to my phone insurance company, I maximized my cell phone replacement coverage twice, so my policy was automatically canceled. We’re not eligible for an upgrade until March of next year. I can’t go that long without a phone and I don’t want to cough up the $500+ to get the new iPhone 5S or 5C.

Whenever I lose my cell, I hear India Arie singing “slow down baby you’re moving too fast/you’ve got your hands in the air with your foot on the gas.” December is like that for me… Well actually my life is like that. I’m running from here to there while trying to accomplish as many things as humanly possible. But when I lose something so important to me – my cell phone because it is my connection to my business it makes me pause.

While I’m away from my cell phone I’m reminded to call on my God – to continue to protect the people that I love, to direct my steps and to guard my heart. While I couldn’t search Zappos for the shoes I wanted to wear to the Yeezus Concert tomorrow, I could search my mind for all of the recent prayers I’ve said and thank God for answering them. I don’t do enough of that. I pray in my time of need, but I’ve got to remember to thank God for answering my prayers. While I can’t delete my emails as easily, I could clear up the clutter in my physical life. I got my office in order and washed lots of clothes. I stopped by my nail shop to get a mani and to get my eyebrows arched. I usually go every 2 weeks but this morning I made week 4. Nail bed showing, cuticles growing out of control, fading polish. My nails belonged to Ratchet City!

I’m crushed about my cell phone. But I’m also happy for the reminder that I need to slow down. Take a deep breath. Look around me a full 360 degrees versus just in front of me. If you need to reach me, feel free to email me and while you have your cell, ipad or computer, remember to turn it off for a bit and enjoy the view.

6 thoughts on “A Forced Digital Sabbatical

  1. Donnie, I love this article! Life can have us going to the point of forgetting to stop and be thankful. I run into this issue as well and had to stop and reflect on important things as well.

  2. Love this article Donnie! Business and life can have you so consumed that you can forget to just slow down and breath. Enjoy your reflective time until your new phone eventually arrives.

    1. Thanks @Ayanna! Appreciate your time for reading the article and for leaving me some comment love. Sometimes things happen because they need to happen. I think that is the case with my phone lol. Trying to be positive about it 🙂

  3. Love this. I always lose keys or cell phone or get sick at precisely the times I need to slow down. Thankful that life will do what it needs to so we breathe. Here’s to you having more space and time to breathe my friend. xoxoo

  4. Thank you for sharing this 🙂 I always lose keys or phone or get sick when I need to slow it all the way down. Thankful that life, even though it’s frustrating at the moment, will help us pause it. Here’s to you finding some breathing space superwoman..you deserve it so much 🙂 xo

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