Don’t Be a Creep…


It is no secret that I watch reality TV and always have, even back when The Real World was the only reality TV show. My favorite series include The Real Housewives & Love & Hip Hop. This season, the characters have throwing around the term “creep” a lot and I wanted to try to define it. 

Creep (noun) – a person (especially a man) who is deceptive, manipulative, controlling or evades responsibility or accountability for his behavior. Not saying that women don’t exhibit creepish behavior, there are just other words for women who do it! 

A creep will lie about his romantic status to one person in order to gain the trust of another

A creep will engage in risky behavior (have unprotected sex) with multiple partners while convincing each that he’s monogamous 

A creep will sneak a touch from a woman  in a club or on a bus 

A creep will blame a woman for his own problematic behavior (she pushed him away or she ignored his needs) vs. acknowledging his selfishness or withdrawal from the relationship 

A creep will hit or slap a woman who he knows can’t defend herself or who accepts the abuse because she loves him 

A creep will intentionally flirt with his girlfriend’s friends or family members.

A creep is intimidated by secure and confident people, do he surrounds himself with people that he can control or that don’t challenge him. He’s insecure so he always feels threatened. A creep is quick to point out someone else’s mistakes or shortcomings.

We’ve all come across creeps at some point in our lives. They remind me of eating a bad sunflower seed. On the surface they are just as handsome and normal looking as anyone else but then when you did deep, you realize just how gross they really are. Creeps leave you with a bad impression and they make your stomach turn. If someone you know or love is exhibiting creepy behavior call them on it before they start living that creep life!

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