You Deserve Some Happy Mail


About this time last year, I signed up for an old fashioned pen pal on a website called 2 Peas in a Bucket.

My pen pal and I shared the same passion for scrapbooking and after exchanging addresses we agreed on a monthly letter or piece of correspondence.

Each month when I get my letter from my pen pal it seems like a present. Who would have thought that this stranger could bring so much joy to my life? I have enjoyed getting to know her and hearing about her family.

If you’d like to get more happy mail, I recommend going through your sorority, professional organization or social club. Recommend the idea and all who are interested have them exchange addresses. In fact, one person should be responsible for assigning pen pals.

Write a card or a letter about the same time each month and exchange information by sharing your dreams and information about your shared passions.

You can also become pen pals with a distant relative. Consider partnering with a younger cousin who you can mentor or send a card to one of our troops.

In life. It’s about the little things and a pen pal is one small thing you can add to your life to make your days a little brighter!

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