Did You Know You Can Schedule Your Social Media Posts?

Thanks to the recommendation of my colleague & BMWK Founder Lamar Tyler, I discovered Hoot Suite.


Hoot Suite is a social media management tool that allows businesses and organizations to manage social media posts. The best part about Hoot Suite for me, is that you can schedule your posts to update at any time in the future. This frees up your schedule so that you don’t have to manually post your messages, so that you can focus your time on other things. Hoot Suite also allows you to enter in multiple social media accounts at once including Twitter and Facebook.

Every Sunday, I sit down with my Social Media Planner, and create the posts for the week for the brands that I manage. The good thing about the app, is that you can still upload/update with spontaneous posts. Donda’s House is currently in the middle of a sponsorship campaign, which means our sponsors are entitled to so many social media posts were week. By sitting down with my Social Media Planner, and scheduling the posts at one time, I can make sure that we are meeting our contractual obligations. It also works great for DonnieNicole.com, because I can promote my blog posts and drive traffic to my site. You can click the link below to download my free Social Media Planner:

Social Media Planner

If you have any questions about Hoot Suite feel free to leave them in the comments section below. It is one free web-based app that literally changed my life!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Javetta says:

    This is awesome as I am getting ready to start blogging again!

    1. You have no idea how happy that makes me @Javetta! I miss your voice sis!

      1. Javetta says:

        Thanks sis! Love you much…catch me over at http://www.simplehonestgoodness.blogspot.com 🙂

      2. I just did a happy dance! I’m coming to check you out and I have to update my links so that we can send some traffic over your way 😉

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