Around here…


I’m looking for grant opportunities for Donda’s House, Inc. The last time I completed a grant for another organization we were not selected. Grants take a lot of time to write, but are so necessary for a non-profit. If you know of any grants, please send them my way!

I’m sitting in the bleachers at my 15-year-old step son’s Wrestling Matches with my hubby. The crowd is much smaller than the football crowd, but I enjoy watching him dominate man-to-man. He’s a real athlete and I’m so proud that God allows me to witness so much of his life and has since he was 10! 

I’m eagerly anticipating and praying for a positive pregnancy test. if you read my Road to Reproduction articles on BMWK, you know my struggle. I know God is going to make a way! 

I’m cleaning up after our puppy Marley, who is still learning to be house trained and likes to hunt and gather things and spread them all over our house. We’re thinking about enrolling him in puppy school. 

I’m planning for a more prosperous, positively transformational, traveling-filled 2014. 

I’m loving my husband and my life on this Saturday. 

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